COE Speaks at the Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative's 11th International Annual Conference

August 27, 2013

Today, in Paris, COE members spoke on a panel at the 11th GCGI International Annual Conference (Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative).


Making the Shift: Education encouraging Leadership for the Common Good

Moderator: Sesto Giovanni Castagnoli

“Globalisation, Youth Leadership and the Common Good: A Conversation with Children of the Earth (COE):

1- Dr. Nina Meyerhof (President of Children of the Earth (COE), USA) with Rosie Haywood
“Coe: Introduction”

2- Saskia Troy (COE, Netherlands)
‘Sustainable Leadership within the 21st century. On the role of education in economics and business’

3- Princess Ougaka (COE, Nigeria)
‘Living together in a matter of understanding for the youth: unity and diversity’

4- Katrina Aung-Sumalin (COE, Thailand)
Youth Leaders for the common good

5- Luc A. Logan (COE, USA)
Globalization: imagining globalization as movement for the common good

6- Mark Harris (COE, Canada)
How to live the Common Good as a Youth in Canada

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From Nina's paper:
As a spiritual activist who reflects and connects, whose activism comes from the heart, these are a few tools and guidelines that may be useful to take action in the world to create positive change. Remember that compassion is the high standard, the watch word is "do no harm", and the universal golden rule is the guide.  Spiritual is no longer a word of religion but rather of a universal understanding that we are one humanity and that w must treat ourselves in this manner walking forward.

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