We Are All Children of the Earth

We, the Children of the Earth, foster spirituality in the form of "Conscious Leadership".

We Reflect, Connect and Act in order to create an Optimal Future for All. 

Children of the Earth Youth GroupThrough our Code of Ethics we do this by:

  • Nurturing the individual’s authentic expression.
  • Holding workshops for finding meaning and connecting with inner purpose.
  • Inspiring individual acts of kindness and social action projects.
  • Facilitating processes that transcend cultural, racial, religious and generational divides.
  • Fostering the development of conscious local and global communities.

Children of the Earth was established in 1990 as an international US tax exempt, 501(C)(3) corporation. Working with youth and children locally and globally, we have been recognized as a charitable NGO non-governmental organization of the United Nations since 1992.

COE Group

Dedicated to the building of a better future, we deliver programs which provide young people with the empowerment and leadership skills necessary to advance peace in the world today and in the future. We foster international networks of cooperation, multicultural understanding, spiritual values, and ethical living skills.

Children of the Earth inspires and unites young people through personal and social transformation to create a peaceful and sustainable world.


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