Experience Inner Revolution for Social Evolution

October 21, 2013

You can actually practice the core wisdom of the heart with the book Pioneering Spiritual Activism co-authored by Nina Meyerhof and Diane de Terra. 

This handbook has been a catalyst for spiritual activism and positive planetary change lead by the youth who are served by Children of the Earth.  Designed primarily for teaching, people of all ages, including teachers, facilitators, and initiators, will find this handbook of great value. 

Two additional pieces complement the handbook: a training manual and a reflection journal. Together they provide:

  • additional exercises to integrate the training,
  • "train the trainer" materials for both adults and youth,
  • a reflection journal to record the journey to deeper wisdom. 

Learn the ethics, principles and values that are the essence of Children of the Earth’s (COE) spiritual activism. The model and techniques have been highly effective for CoE participants to create positive change

COE’s model, Reflect–Connect–Act, provides guidance and structure. Its methods and techniques constitute a learning process designed to consolidate spiritual growth and societal actions defined by two focal points:

  1. Connect by Conflict Transcendence and
  2. Act by Lateral Leadership. 

You are invited to an inner revolution for social evolution. It is a path for global citizens to unite in a movement for peace. Add your own voice and methods to make this handbook into your own personal toolkit. 

Members of Children of the Earth are available to guide anyone who wants support in using this handbook. Our schedule is flexible to accommodate different needs. COE offers one, three, or five-day sessions, as well as custom-tailored programs to meet your specific needs. Contact us with any questions at nina@coeworld.org.

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