Leadership Team


We are following our own path to true and lasting peace which we believe starts within our own hearts. To truly transform our communities, our countries and the world is to begin transforming ourselves which is the way to sustainable unity within our world.  Children of the Earth Nigeria strives to prepare the ground for exceptional ideas and to inspire to concrete action, enriched by the critical voices of idealistic and courageous young people.

One of the principal aims of this initiative is to strengthen the dialogue between the generations, between today’s and tomorrow’s decision makers.

~Princess Ogechi Ukaga


Ulumma lke, Deputy Coordinator, is a second year student of law at the university of Calabar who emphasizes the need for discourse.  “Without communication there can be no unity.  ...The goal of a democratic future that is responsive to the people must be to create common communication areas.”

Madonna Aunsime “would like to realize visions that would provide the younger generation with a meaningful future.”  She believes that “respecting people’s needs for protection and attending to the development of their personality are preconditions for the long term safeguarding of peace in our world.”

Chidozie Lawrence sees the necessity for a spiritual approach to correct the imbalances created by the “gross mentality born of the illusion of separation.  ln believing all is separate from the source of life and all else, it is natural for the mind to think that there is never enough. And where there is this belief, the tendency is to back from giving and to do everything possible to take in order to fill up ones own pocket....We can not put a religion upon the rivers nor can we patent our planet’s design. Life is already its own unbreakable, un-possessable law.”

Doris Osuji believes the “greatest quality of being human is love. This is the source and essence of every being, and in this no one is greater or lesser.”