Summer Camps 2012, Togo, West Africa

July 25, 2012

Samuel Ayivi and the Chapter members in Togo (West Africa) invite you to their Double International Summer Camps. These exciting camps will take place in Kouvé from the 26th of July to the 2nd of August 2012 and in Dagni from the 3rd-10th  of August 2011.  It will be two action packed weeks with sport events, cultural exchange and site-seeing! The participants will be able to participate at various educational programs including morning meditation, environmental campaign, HIV/AIDS awareness, Peace through Sports, discussions on how to be a Peace ambassador,  and music workshops. Spend time establishing deep connections with other like-minded youth from Africa, discussing interesting topics, and enjoying an open-air evening of Traditional  African night of Dance and storytelling around the bonfire.

Togo has much to offer and you will be shown beautiful places like: traditional villages, cascading waterfalls and much more!