European Consciousness Through Peace Actions, 5 - 12 August 2011, Baia Mare, Romania

August 5, 2011 to August 12, 2011

Never before in human history have we faced a world of so much complexity and so many challenges, all unfolding at a dizzying pace. Even our most progressive approaches to human organization are quickly becoming obsolete — insufficient for navigating the challenges and harnessing the opportunities now in front of us more than ever to develop a culture of peace, to create a new European consciousness among the new generation, is an emergency.

Children for Children –Children for Peace collaborates with children and youth from Europe to create a European consciousness through a strong culture of inner and external peace.This project is a collaboration between six organisations recognized internationally,which develop a large activity focused on peace and education based on living values and ethical behaviours fostering sustainability

The venue will be in the traditional mountainous country-side of the historical region of Maramures giving the young european participants the opportunity to experience the village life in Romania and appreciate the local traditions as well as observe the impact of modernity and life in the 21st century on rural Romania,because it is a multilateral project, with 30 participants from five countries (Romania, Hungary, Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany), held between 5 to 12 August 2010. The "Ethics for harmony and peace of a European consciousness in Europe" aims at creating competencies and skills of organizational culture that will lead to a new European citizenship

The objective is to encourage young people to reflect upon European topics and to involve them in the debate on the construction and future European Union. In this context, the project has a 'European dimension' and stimulate reflection on the new solid European society and its values

Together they will be working for a series of workshops, talks and debates on how to make peace and skill building techniques found in the literature today. Assertivity, Non-violent communication, Heart Math, Appreciative Inquiry, Deep and Intercultural Dialogue, Conflict Resolution etc are several of these.

Romania as host country will share from their perspective the depth of their traditions and updated experience .Youth coming from different cultures need to learn and experience the simple unity of all humankind no matter of their diverse situations, religions or ethnicity. During these days they will discuss the true meaning of peace, inwards and externally, and how to achieve changes in their own lives. The project aims to encourage young people to reflect on the essential characteristics of European society and, in addition, to encourage them to play an active role in their communities and to be active participants in their whole life. The last days will be focused on development of local projects and projects that cross boundaries of countries and are illustrations of their united efforts.

Partnership: Children of the Earth, USA, Children for Children: Children of Peace Foundation, Romania, Magyarországért Európában Egyesület, Hungary, DML Bonn-Cooperation Circle within URI Deutschland e.V., Germany, Zentrum der Einheit Schweibenalp, Switzerland, URI UK -UNITED RELIGIONS INITIATIVE UK, United Kingdom

The project is financially supported through the Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission.

For more information please contact Corina Simon, and Rodica Pop,