Susana Parody

Susana Parody Susana Parody is 28 years old and currently lives at a Kriya Yoga International (KYI) women’s monastery in Texas.
Susana was Born in Colombia, she grew up in Miami and went on to complete a BA degree in Economics from NYU and an MBA from the University of Miami.

At the monastery Susana has diverse roles ranging from accountant to organizer of summer camps for children. As the youngest person in the organization, Susana also spearheaded an initiative known as the Millennial Project under the parent umbrella of KYI. The project is on its third year and involves connectivity and interchange of like-minded millennials who practice meditation, and more specifically Kriya Yoga. Kriya Yoga is a breath-based meditation technique brought over from the Himalayas in India. Its purpose is to empower individuals to maximize their inner divinity and full potential in daily life. The two tenets of the Millennial Project are fellowship and service.

In the coming years Susana hopes to pursue a monastic path and become a monk under the spiritual head of the organization, Paramahamsa Prajnanananda. Her strong academic preparation coupled with her committed spiritual pursuits give her a unique and informed perspective on the changing social landscape of her generation.