One Peaceful Africa T-Shirt

OPA T-Shirt"Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it."
Nelson Mandela

The grassroots effort, known as One Peaceful Africa or OPA, arising across the African continent continues to press on to triumph, but not only over violence; over Ebola. The OPA T-Shirt Project is a collaboration of the hearts and minds of the children of Africa generating funds to support the efforts on the ground in Liberia, Nigeria and beyond. While many aid initiatives are driven by the outside international community, this OPA project is coming directly from the people living on the continent and the purchase of a One Peaceful Africa T-Shirt supports the the children of Africa, directly.

Your Donation Supports these One Peaceful Africa Projects:

OPA Liberia: Educating and encouraging survivors of Ebola to donate blood in established centers to save more lives. The blood of surviving Ebola patients have antibodies effective in treating the disease as seen in Congo in 1976 and 1995. Song and video to Save Liberia:

OPA Nigeria: Creating a training center for girls who do not regularly attend school due to the high rate of kidnapping. Many girls simply stay home to stay safe. This program provides a safe learning environment just for girls.

OPA Eastern Nigeria: Implementing the One-day Empowerment Program featuring a technology training series partially subsidized by a grant from the Federal Government of Nigeria. This program teaches computer skills, emphasizing the use of technology to empower young people in Africa to a brighter future.

OPA Togo: Building toilets in the rural areas of Togo.

OPA Ghana: Building a peace school for children.

OPA Nigeria: Building clear water stations in rural Nigerian communities. 

You can support One Peaceful Africa by purchasing the official OPA T-Shirt for $25; includes shipping within the US.

If you are located outside of the US and would like to purchase a OPA T-Shirt, please contact the Director of One Peaceful Africa, Princess at

Princess Ukaga, Children of the Earth's regional co-ordinator in West Africa and Director of One Peaceful Africa is chief steward of this Project.


Price: $25.00