Creating Your Own Shift

One of the most respected and well-published contributors to this anthology states unequivocally, "None of the dire situation that some analysts and some channeled messages purport to be likely, or even unavoidable, will come to pass."

Others describe dire-sounding situations that may be necessary for our world renewal, and still other equally respected authors add that our space brothers will continue to protect us during this time of transition from the most dire of possible situations.

The one thing that all the authors and contributors in this book will agree on is that 2012 will mark an initiation into a completely new consciousness and a divinely ordained new beginning for our world.

Some discuss how to prepare for this on an individual level. Others suggest needed institutional reformations. Discussion of the topic ranges from the esoteric to the completely down-to-earth.

I’ve compiled all the best information and insights from some of the world’s most authoritative sources in order to help alleviate fear and generate excitement for our developing new world.

This anthology explains what’s happening, what “ascension” is all about. It goes into what we can do to cooperate with the changes on a personal level, and what we should be doing on a social level to bring our world into harmony with our new more humanitarian priorities. Then it ends with some inspirational visions of our future.

Most authors just touch on their main message in this book, but then often end their section with a web site or some way for the reader to find out more about their specialty. So this anthology is a powerful synopsis of the issues related to our 2012 transition and a doorway to details on most of the related subjects.

Enjoy! Then, help reduce fear and increase inspiration by passing this book on to a friend.


Transition & Transformation
A Time Of Great Change
Ascension and Spontaneous Evolution
2012 — The Missing Key
Our Divine Blueprint
Shifting the Power.
The Rays in Relation to the Earth Changes
An Introduction to Change
The 2012 Phenomena:
The Transformation of Humanity and Their Planet 11:11, 12.21.12 & 13:13
The Journey Back to Self: THE RETURN
Planetary Transformation: The Coming New Earth
Matthew’s Message
The Choice Between Duality and Ascension
The Dream of Unconditional Love
What Will Happen as Our World Unwinds

Learning to Cooperate with the Transformation
Awakening the Lightworker Within
Take a Leap into 2012 — and Beyond!
An Understanding of the Cosmic Rays
Packing Your Cosmic Backpack for the Big Shift
Growing Up God
“Psychosis”Versus Awakening Intuition
Preparing for the New Earth
Remembering Our Creating Nature
Ego versus Soul, Love, and Humility: Moving to 2012 and Beyond
Using Emotional Technology to Jump Timelines
How to Prepare for Ascension

Restructuring Our World
The Power of Thought
Making a World of Difference, One Heart at a Time
Transforming the Human Educational Assembly Line
The Future of Medicine and Medical Training — A Return to Holistic
Hermetic Principles
Is There a Future for Health Care?
Homelessness, a Sign of Our Collective Insanity?
Mental Health Needs a Booster Shot
The Future of Psychiatric and Psychological Training: Approaches to
Treatment of Mental and Emotional Distress in the New Era
The Future of Religion
Reclaiming Government by the People
Blending Spiritual Values with Building Businesses
For the New Era: the New Land Ethic and a New Tax Ethic
Youth as Spiritual Activists for Social Change

Visions of the Future
When Consciousness Changes the Physical World
December 21, 2012: The Great Adventure Begins!. Our Shifting Awareness.
A Visit to the New Earth
The Road to Tomorrow
The Transformation of the World
A Conversation with My Future Self Being Fifth-Dimensional
Helping You Meet Your Goals
2012 and Beyond Through the Eyes of the Akashic Records
Many Worlds, Many Destinations

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