Conscious Education: The Bridge to Freedom

The purpose of this book is to give educators new organizing principles that will lead out from the present day mechanistic-reductionist viewpoint toward a more holistic perspective, one that fosters love and peace. The Foreword, titled "Education and Evolution," deals with an anthropological perspective, the end of the Cenozoic period, and ways of knowing. The book is then divided into three parts. Part 1, "Process," includes five chapters. Chapter 1, "Bridge of Conscious Education," discusses ways of being, conscious evolutionary thought, conscious evolution, the soul and conscious evolution, and self-esteem. Chapter 2, "Developmental Education and Transformational Learning," elaborates on cognitive development, moral development, development and consciousness, transformational learning, and a transformational model. Chapter 3, "Spirituality in Education," deals with spiritual development and its process, educating the whole person, and world core curriculum. Chapter 4, "Paradigm Shifts and Education," covers the paradigm shifts a holistic perspective, and rethinking education. Chapter 5, "Cosmic Laws/Principles in Education," deals with cosmic laws and principles and the learning environment. Part 2, "Form," comprises the next two chapters. Chapter 6, "Creating Form," investigates multiple age grouping, altruistic learning, reflective learning, experiential learning, systemic learning, and transpersonal learning. Chapter 7, "Conscious Education and Holism", details the movement toward holism in education and global alliance for transforming education. Part 3,"The Transformation Process,' consists of the final chapter, "A Blueprint for Transforming Education." 

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