Wisdom of the Heart -
 Songs to Inspire Transcendence and Peace

COE Cdby Children of the Earth and participants in its teaching

Breathe in the beauty of musical transcendence through international energies from Reggae to Rock to Jazz and easy listening. Reach a new connection with your heart and wisdom. This collection of songs represent people from around the world who have experienced the teaching of Children of the Earth and have given us their voice to join with others in this collection. Accomplished celebrities including Tina Turner of international fame with Regula Curti and Dechen Shak-Dagsay, and from Nepal, Yash Kumar, join with other wonderfully talented individuals to rejoice in the gifts and training CoE provides. Listen and rejoice with them.

  1. Unity – Regula Curti, Dechen Shak-Dagsay & Tina Turner (Switzerland)
  2. Song for – Oran Cohen (South Africa)
  3. Purano Gaun – Yash Kumar (Nepal)
  4. Light the Torch of Love – Vandy Kanyako (Sierre Leone)
  5. Now’s the Time – Näthan Gangadean: Saith (USA)  
  6. Untitled – Zottolo Julian Facundo (Argentina)
  7. Jaruri Chha – Yash Kumar (Nepal)
  8. So Free – Näthan Gangadean: Saith (USA)
  9. Monopoly – Mark Harris (Canada)
  10. Ekele (Greetings to the Universal Divine) – Princess Ukaga (Nigeria)
  11. Simple Song of Freedom (by Bobby Darin) – WSYC Performance at 2006 Goi Conference (Japan)
Price: $30.00