Blessed Pendant

Inspiration for these pendants comes from the Children of the Earth Logo which was conceived collaboratively by young people. The idea originated from the Native American concept of a Medicine Wheel. Mother Earth is in the center; she is surrounded by powerful spirits encountered in the natural environment. Father Sky comprises the background. Four pairs of hands show the mutual caring of the four ethnicities of humanity. The outer circle is inscribed with the words: “We Are All Children Of The Earth.”

This sterling silver pendant is handmade by Reverend Patrick McCollum, approximately 1.5" in diameter and hung on a simple leather strand.

Price: $150.00

Exclusive. Limited quantity. Can also be ordered in gold.

The pendants, as well as the metal from which they are made, have been taken around the world and been blessed by many religious leaders including holy elders of Hawaiian, Taoist, and Pagan traditions. In the Spring of 2011 Dhammakaya Monks in Thailand with the Vice-Abbot shown participated in a ceremony, blessing the work of Children of the Earth and the pendants.

Lama Gangchen at Borobudur with all his attendees blessed the pendants. Other spiritual leaders have also blessed the pendants and others commit to continue to pray and meditate on future generations bringing forth a beautiful world for all. You are invited to accept the guidance and blessings given, join this process fostering world peace.

Blessed PendantBlessed Pendant

Price: $150.00