COE Featured in Romanian Article on "European Consciousness through Actions of Peace"

November 4th, 2013

The guide of the organization Children of the Earth appeared

Children of the Earth (C.O.E.) (U.S.A.) is an organization which promotes the rights of the children and the values of peace.

C.O.E. involved in the project "European Consciousness through Actions of Peace" which took place at Baia Mare in the period 5-12 augut 2011.

Recently appeared the book “Pioneering spiritual activism” signed by Nina Meyerhof C.O.E. founder and Diane de Terra, a guide which will introduce YOU in the ethics, principles and values which are the core of the spiritual activism of the C.O.E. This book is an ressource for those who want to create a peaceful world through spiritual activism, activism which comes from the wisdom of the mind. Designed for the young peoples of age 15-30, can be used also by the teachers. The book proposes an model and tehnics which have been proved hemselves efficient for youth in order to create a positive change.

The C.O.E. model Reflect-Connect-Act offers guidance and structure. This guide invites YOU to an inner revolution for social evolution, being also a way for the citizens of the world to unite in a movement for peace.

Correspondent: Tatomir Ion-Marius

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