Prayers and Meditations from Elders Around the World

By Drs. J.J. and Desiree Hurtak (The Academy for Future Science)

We behold the brilliant Rainbow of Light which manifests from the supreme Eternal One.

The inner sounds orchestrate a music that beats louder and louder until we hear the background hymn of the universe. The spiritual eye of our soul awakens to the Majesty and the Awe of Creation.

All nature is moved by the presence of the Great Eternal Oneness that comes forth from the cosmos and can be seen by all. The light multiplies around us.  We drink drops of light through the top of our heads and pray for the coming of the Spirit of the Shekinah -- the Holy Breath of the Divine to be upon us.
As the Dove of Peace encircles the Earth we visualize the children of the world in their different colors of dress holding hands completely around Mother Earth and dancing and singing as if standing on an energy platform. They sing the Names of God in their languages from the mountains of the Andes, the Himalayas and the Alps to the jungles of Brazil, Southeast Asia and Africa. They hold their hands over their heads as in a sacred dance and create a human rainbow connecting the children of distant countries in the Pacific, of Europe, of Africa with the Americas. Finally, our mind’s eye focuses on the northernmost and southernmost parts of the world that weave diamond patterns of light through the central portions of the Earth so that in the night skies the cities of the world begin to shine.

As we together witness the powers of Heaven that manifest on Earth — we see how all peoples are united and engathered into the sacred places, the ancient lands. We pray for our brothers and sisters in the sacred lands especially for the surviving tribes as the caretakers of the earth.  We pray for the grandmothers of the world.  We pray for our Sisters and Brothers to continue as keepers of the sacred medicine. We pray for countless leaders of the Spirit whose Names are the forgotten ones of history.

The Names of the ancient ones reveal the myriad Names of the DIVINE, the vibrations of which we sing throughout the universe, reawakening the Unity between each of us.  Each Name creates energy sparks of light in the skies...and as the flames of Light become clearer and clearer – they become one with the songs of our hearts.

And now we see the Return of the Dove, the Symbol of Peace that appears in the sky, unifying her wings with the wings of the Eagle, the symbol of Knowledge and Wisdom that now encompasses the planet. We feel the warmth of their winged-arms that embrace.
Let the power of the Dove, the Eagle and the Phoenix manifest to the peoples of Mother Earth and may ‘Peace Prevail on Earth.’  
Now let us be the Peace Makers as we seek to open our hearts of compassion for the return of the Master Beings of Light. 
May the Oneness that represents the Divine within my heart grant that each person I come into contact with receive Divine Grace and Serenity.  May everyone know the subtle inner nature of Sacred Love and Wisdom in their homes. 

Blessed are those who, from their deepest Self radiate the Love and Joy of experiencing their higher bodies of Light. As the blue-green planet of Mother Earth turns and rotates, our eyes begin to see the details of how we are sitting upon a jewelled vehicle with its oceans, mountains and various countries appearing beneath us.  We realize now that we have journeyed above the Earth and from this vantage point, we can be connected with the stars of Higher Intelligence. Aligned now with the Supreme One, we are full of Compassion for all peoples as we join hands and say twelve times, “May Peace Prevail on Earth.”

As we extend our Love so Divine Grace comes back to us, we find our own prayers fulfilled.  We feel the light and heat of cosmic Infinite and discover we are further healed by the Spirit of the Breath of Life. 

Let us continue always to align with the Source of Divine and Human Life through the music of the spheres and connect with the Master Guides who reveal their bodies of Light throughout the regathering of the peoples from all over the Earth. Upon them shall be the rays of Light and manifestations of Universal Love sent forth from the Divine Mother, the Divine Father, the Cosmic Sons and Daughters and the Great White Spirit from the purest Realms of all Spirits.

Let each person recognize how we are all one consciousness – one physical Being having the protection of Archangel Michael. Let the Harmony and Love that we send forth right now be the new ‘Foundation’ upon which we build ourselves a greater Tree of Life with the Heavenly Hosts and become True Eternal Peacemakers.


Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi (Christian tradition)

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
and where there is sadness, joy.
O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive;
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life. Amen


Why is Meditation Important?
By Drs. J.J. and Desiree Hurtak

In meditation we can feel the unconditional joy and love of the universe.  We can also learn how to listen to that still small voice within.  Meditation also helps in healing our physical bodies because when we sit quietly, we allow the cells within our body to come into a peaceful state of being.  Additionally, our mind should seek to find a state of Divine Realization.  Then we can discover the powers of co-creation activating a divine presence within that is lying in the depth of our souls. 

Not all meditation has to be silent.  We can internally or externally use Sacred Chants and Divine Names to focus our energies on a Higher Presence.  Some people prefer to listen to music or look at mandalas, cosmograms and artistic designs which give the mind something to focus on, rather than the thoughts of the earth.  Sometimes, however, it is appropriate to spend your time of meditation in sending positive thoughts throughout the earth or to people you know need your Love.  In this way your energies can be used to help Mother Earth, or family and friends in a way that cannot always be done verbally or in person.  In meditation, we can, thus, discover the opening up of global horizons enabling us to build golden triangles and ‘temples of understanding’ for cooperation between diverse peoples and cultures.  

In higher states of meditation, we may also begin to work on many levels or planes of existence as non-local beings of consciousness. The multidimensional universe is full of brotherhoods and sisterhoods in constant union with the Godhead who want to help.  With a loving discernment, on these higher levels of contact, we can find, through mediation, that we can also work as ‘the many and the one’ in helping not only to change our life patterns as an individual, but also work in harmony with greater Hosts for the healing of all life and humanity.


Meditation - Using the Power of Visualization and Sacred Expressions (Ecumenical)
By Drs. J.J. and Desiree Hurtak

I know that with Divine Help, we can all become sparks of divinity and help to prepare the world to seek renewal in this Age of Miracles. We especially ask in the name of the Divine Mother and those who are our divine guides, including the highest levels of the angels and avatars, to help purify and guide our planet. We seek also to help planet Earth by aligning our mind’s eye with the great powers of Archangel Michael, Metatron (God Almighty in Greek) and Melchizedek (King of Righteousness in Hebrew).  

May the Creator of All - help me at this time of need with Divine Blessings and personal healing. Let me feel the illumination from You come into my heart in the form of emanations of Love, Kindness, Forgiveness and Understanding. Allow me to participate in Your Life Force, for You are the Living I AM. Help me to visualize the highest “Light,” the superluminal Light, which I now feel coming into me with great Warmth and Joy – entering my being. Let me receive your Loving Kindness and heal my life so that I may be completely restored and become a living vessel of perfection and Glory.
As I feel Your Loving-kindness in the inner most space of my being, let Your force of Divine “Light” renew my body, mind, soul and spirit. Let Your Divine Power continue to help and assist me in maintaining this flow of Your Divine Love and Healing Power with the power of Archangel Raphael – bringing me into a perfect renewal with Your Divine Protection.      

Let each person living in a place of turmoil, right now, know we are all one consciousness – one physical Being having the protection of Archangel Michael. Let the harmony and Love that we send forth to them at this moment be the new ‘Foundation’ upon which we build with them, and Your Heavenly Hosts, the greater unfoldment of the Tree of Life.

Bless all humanity, Divine Father, Divine Mother, Eternal Family of the Divine Hosts. Help us all to overcome our limited individuality and see and feel the collective Oneness. And no matter how difficult the situations of planetary life are, let us comprehend the importance of the tree of Life, from whose emanations we have all emerged.

With the words of a universal blessing, we proclaim the Power of the Divinity in the Universe with the sacred expression:


(Could be intoned 3 or 12 times)

(Om and Aum both represent the sound of the Infinite in the East, and Umma the people hood in the West)

Let all peoples feel Your healing process through the sacred vibrations of life, so we can together create a more tranquil planet existing in balance and harmony.  Let us now visualize the energy vectors of the Earth shifted into a new paradigm of greater Peace, Compassion and Love.
Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen.


Dhammakaya Meditation (Buddhist Tradition)

Let us all start by finding a comfortable position for ourselves. Simply sit down in any place that makes us feel at ease and will allow our blood to circulate freely.

As we begin to sit, gently begin to withdrawal ourselves from what is happening around us; by slowly closing our eyes and releasing all the muscles in our body from any stiffness. Just as when we are falling asleep there isn’t any part of our body that feels tense or tight. Wherever there is tension, just relax and release until we feel a sense of physical relief, and do not have to give any more attention to our body for the rest of our sitting session.
Let us free ourselves from all worries and concerns. Let go of all distracting thoughts and wanderings. Take a deep slow breath. Gently locate the very bottom of it and softly maintain our attention here as we slowly exhale. Progressively let go of everything else besides delicately and subtly leading our attention to return and softly stay within us at this comfortable point continuously thereafter. As we gradually reach this point, the only responsibility we have is to remain still and indifferent to anything that may try to make us waver or wander. Allow ourselves to progressively stop here in the center of our being, the center of our body. Nothing more, nothing less. Find that appropriate inner balance, just right for us individually, and stay there.

…….brief pause………

As we caressingly nurture our minds here in this calm, bright, and content state, gently bring to mind anything that gives rise to feelings of compassion, loving-kindness, and good wishes. It may be the accumulation of all the good deeds we have done in the past since birth or it may be one specifically powerful event and time that submerges us completely in pure feelings compassion and goodness while surrounding us with their embrace. Slowly and calmly immerse ourselves in the center of these feelings. Have them radiate out in all directions around us, automatically filling the space around us by their coming fully alive. Continually stay centered and still within these feelings. As we stay still the compassion and kindness will naturally begin to expand outwards even further on their own. Continue to stay covered within the pure and good feelings that these recollections bring about. Eventually they will grow to cover the entire world and universe, automatically touching and affecting the lives of all of the beings therein. This is how we practice spreading loving-kindness and at the same time wholly and purely effect the environment around us for the better.

This is the true evolution of mankind, and it starts from within us. It is the inner evolution for the social revolution of our world. Because when each of us attains our own inner peace, true and sustainable world peace will be its natural and subsequent consequence. So for the remainder of our session, let us practice the stilling of our minds to one single point; one that resides with us always wherever we go, all day all night, the natural home of our mind, inside our body at the center, the center of our being. May we all live out this art of inner peace together in silence for just a few more moments in time.

Prayer from Nigerian Traditional Ruler Lawrence Ike Azuatalem Ukaga?Umubazo Kingdom?

Prayer in native language:

idina-otu ka uwa niile ga na n ihu na ario ka udo ya,amamihe ya ga na ihe,na echekwa uwa niile.ise ei.

Approximate translation in English:

May togetherness of this earth continue to guide us and may the divine bring peace and understanding to protect the world.

Prayer from Dr. C.M Yogi (Nepal)
There are many ways for our spiritual upliftment ... among them Mantra Sadhana (reciting mantras) is also quite powerful... actually our problem is with our own mind as it runs here and there very constantly... it's quite restless... jumping like monkeys is the nature of mind... so how to bring it at peacful level or how to make it calm? Reciting mantras will give a very positive rest to our mind... the mind will be still slowly and will build up the positive attitude automatically...

So among the mantras Shiva Panchakshari Mantra- Om Namo Shivaya ( mantra with 5 letters) is quite powerful for anybody; it's actually for all, beyond any religious boundaries... it's very scientific... because-
- the whole universe is made by 5 elements the mantra also have actually 5 letters.
- our body is aslo made 5 elements or components and this mantra also have 5 letters.
- there are 5 senses and this mantra aslo have 5 letters.
- disesae menas disbablce of 5 elements in our body adn good health means balancing 5 elements/components of our body; so te mantra Om Namo Shivaya  helps us to maintian or balance our 5 elements.
- for example- if you loose teh power fo earth in your body then your body may not grow properly or looses it's immunity power. similalry, if oyu loose the power fo water in teh body then you may have problem of depression or may not have clear stomach; likeswe,if oyu loose sun/fire in the body then your body may not digest food; if you have no air in the body then your cells may not function properly; likewise,if you have no space/sky in the body then you may have serious mental disbalance (because of having no any space...) or illness.
- so by practicing the mantra-Om Namo Shivaya- one can balance or harmonize 5 major elements of the body easily; Also,it reminds us that - (1) we should have Satwic/Good food to balance earth in our body; (2) should drink plenty of water to balance water elelment; (3) should have close contact with the sun to digest food; (4)should practice Pranayaam to balance air in our body; (5) should have fasting regularly and stay in meditation to maintain space/sky in the body.
- so my dear firends, pls practice the mantra-Om Namo Shivaya-; it will give you holistic progress...very deeper nourishment....very positive attitude...adn a very calm mind... what else do you need ? so pls recite it gently with soft voice, with deep breathing, with deep awareness and with deep satisfaction and joy...