The Power of Thought

(By Karoline Buys)

We continuously process thought-forms, most of them are just flowing into our minds and it is important that we are aware of the thoughts we have, where they come from, how they influence us and how we react on them. Positive Thought-forms (unconditional love, inner peace, joy in Life, forgiveness etc.) can be seen as coming from “higher planes” of consciousness and in contrast to them, negative thought-forms (anger, hate, revenge, etc.) originates from lower energies within and around us, which don’t stem from our true essence. It is important to make this distinction, because if we think that the negative thought-forms stem from our true essence, then we associate ourselves more and more with negativity and that illusion becomes our reality. We need to make the conscious decision to continuously tune into the positive thought-forms that come from higher vibratory fields of Consciousness. One way to do this is through prayer and meditation which allows us to tune into our higher self and become sensitive to the “silent voice” within our hearts, which guide us to use our gifts and creativity for the upliftment of the whole of humanity. When we open-mindedly start following our hearts, we come to realize that we are part of a higher plan and that we always have a positive part to play in the “Now”, because we are at the right place at all times.

Living a positive life is not to ignore what is happening in the world and pretend everything is fine! It is to acknowledge the power of our thought-forms and the choice we have of projecting a positive reality. For example, if there is a country suffering under violence let us not visualize a land destroyed by war, but rather a land filled with Light and Joy. If one of our loved ones is sick let us not visualize a sick body, but let us visualize a healthy body or even visualize the person in a body of Pure Radiant Light! If humanity’s consciousness changes then we collectively change our world, our reality and our future. There will always be a future and it is up to us to create a positive one!