Princess Ogechi Ukaga

Princess Ukaga was born into a Royal Nigerian family and after she lost her eldest sister Chidi Ukagain, in service to humanity, Princess dedicated her life to achieving peace. She learned through her personal experience how to survive and grow and is inspired to promote peace.

Princess was educated in Nigeria at the University of Calabar (UNICAL) receiving her BA in Political Science and MSc in International Relations at the University of Abuja. While in UNICAL she was the Vice President of the UNICAL Association for Aids Prevention and she worked with the Civil Liberties Organization of Imo State and Women in Nigeria Organizations. In 2003, Princess represented Nigeria at the Tunza Program of the UNEP in Russia and she is one of the founding members of African Youth Parliament. In 2005, Princess attended the World Spirit Forum Arose and is also one of the founding members of World Spirit Youth Council. With the help of Isira Sananda and Sesto Giovanni, Princess was able to set up a program called Peace Central, in Nigeria, where she runs a micro-finance program and youth empowerment program. Princess is one of the Architects of the Future with Waldzell Institution, in Austria.

As the Children of the Earth Coordinator in Nigeria, Princess represented COE at the 2013 International Day of Peace at the Untied Nations office in New York.

Currently, she is coordinating a project called One Peaceful Africa, moving from one African country to another, helping young people to embrace peace and not to be use as weapons of war and violence. One Peaceful Africa’s main goal is to strengthen the dialogue between today and tomorrow's decision makers and to experience the full life beyond “all habitual patterns.”

Under the mentorship of Nina Meyerhof, Princess has learned that she can have no greater peace than knowing her mission on this planet is helping the Earth’s children in Africa.