Barbara Allinbloom

Barbara Allinbloom

Barbara stewards COE global expansion with inspirational depth grounding programs of global engagement for sustainable regenerative impact. Barbara has been involved with COE since 1990 after she met her friend and mentor Nina Meyerhof.

A life long advocate for Peace projects Barbara has focused on people’s rights and the well-being of resilient multicultural communities as well as biodiversity and the rights of all living beings on our sacred jewel of a planet. Her belief that all children deserve a thriving future drives her to advocate for them and constantly find opportunities to impact communities around the world. To create a world with healthy children the best place to start is caring about their social~emotional~spiritual education. Together we are developing programs and a webspace for young people to have their voices heard in a way that respects each individuals spiritual expression. Just like learning opportunities and healthy food nurture ones mind and body, expression of the spirit nurtures ones soul.

Barbara presents COE trainings and is engaged in development of CEO programs.

Her back ground degree is in education, All level Art and Science.

Her passionate international work for children began in the late 1980 after raising a family on a ranch in Texas. She founded Heart To Heart Global Youth Coalition an educational 501-c3 after returning from a Soviet American Summit in 1990.

Heart to Heart brought youth together from around the world for 10 years and sponsored and toured youth speakers, artistic multicultural music, and dance performance globally.

Barbara’s education and peace programs in Central America for the past 10 years have been called
Passion for Making a Difference and
❤️ Heart to Heart ❤️ Somos Paz
To see some of the initiatives you can view her YouTube channel: Barbara AllinBloom.