Jimmy Lama

Children of the Earth Core Team Leader

Jimmy Lama, 27, is from a remote village of Nakote in Nepal and is currently running a self-initiated project called HELP- Helambu Education and Livelihood Project- along with his small local team which works on building schools in several communities in Helambu region. As a youth from one of the poorest nations on earth and one that is in the process of healing scores of wounds left by its recent decade long violent conflict, Jimmy takes it as the responsibility of today’s youth in the process of re-building the nation and he is a firm believer that what he can and will do in his local community will have a great upward impact in shaping the future. In taking such view and actions, he practices inner peace and deep reflection as a fuel and building partnerships in Nepal and abroad as engine to achieve his goals despite political frustration and resources scarcity.