Dr. Chintamani Yogi

Dr Yogi has founded and leads several organizations in Nepal all with a strong and conscious commitment to interfaith ideals. In particular, he established the Hindu VidyaPeeth movement consisting of 3 schools (www.hvp-nepal.org ) supporting underprivileged and orphaned children to receive education on a non profit basis. The children are encouraged to develop human virtues such as peace, harmony and love in the form of international brotherhood. He also established Shanti Sewa Ashram whose objectives are : “To promote peace and spirituality at every level of society, to help the poor and disadvantaged, and to provide a forum for spiritual and peace-oriented organizations in an attempt to unite the effort.” In addition, he founded a Youth Society for Peace aiming to support young people in understanding the values of peace, tolerance and selfless service, and to develop various projects enabling these ideals to be put to voluntary action, for example a street-children food program designed to provide food, crre and education. Similarly, he runs various other community based programs-Helping Children Study Club, Children's Peace Home and Women's Education/Training Program etc to reform society in totality.