Oran Cohen


As an obsessive entrepreneur and serial social innovator, Oran has created documentaries, designed international leadership programmes as well as founded non-profit initiatives.

Oran has dedicated his work to facilitating others’ genius and solving complex problems in a variety of contexts. Oran is fascinated by the magic that happens when the genius of people meets the genius of ideas. He is intrigued by what makes someone an innovator or change-maker. He has committed his life to exploring these questions in the pursuit of creating social change.

For more than 13 years in over 20 countries he has guided communities, non-profits and large multinationals through difficult questions and challenges in order to help them find unique solutions to the problems they face.  His latest project is Genius Works, a consultancy dedicated to helping organisations lead with imagination. This consultancy synthesizes many disciplines to teach others how to become innovators and change-makers and assists them to create innovative projects and initiatives. http://www.geniusworks.co.za