Children of the Earth - October 2014


Nina and Noah Miller Participate in the Summer of Peace 


Download and listen to Nina Meyerhof and Noah Miller's interview on the Summer of Peace as part of the 11 Days of Global Unity.




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Digital download. Plus Portraits of Sustainable Youth Leaders around the World. 




Check out the COE album of photos of youth celebrating the International Day of Peace around the world.






Save Liberia Video



Global Education Magazine



The Necessity for Holistic Education in Economics and Business that Prepares Young Leaders for Sustainable Leadership within the 21st Century


"The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers and lovers of all kinds"


 Dalai Lama 



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PenPal Schools connects over 30 thousand students from around the world to to discover new cultures, learn about global issues, and practice foreign languages through 1-1 PenPal exchanges.  Their online app and Common Core-aligned curriculum include instructive videos, texts, and discussion questions that make exchanges fun and easy for students and teachers. 






This is a critical time in our world. Our youth require our support more than ever before to inspire them in taking action towards the future that they are destined to create. Your contribution will assist us to continue our work with youth leaders all over the world to inspire and equip them to live meaningful lives by assisting to become social change agent and spiritual activists.


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One Peaceful Africa T-Shirt


"Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it." 
Nelson Mandela


The grassroots effort, known as One Peaceful Africa or OPA, arising across the African continent continues to press on to triumph, but not only over violence; over Ebola. The OPA T-Shirt Project is a collaboration of the hearts and minds of the children of Africa generating funds to support the efforts on the ground in Liberia, Nigeria and beyond. While many aid initiatives are driven by the outside international community, this OPA project is coming directly from the people living on the continent and the purchase of a One Peaceful Africa T-Shirt supports the the children of Africa, directly. 


Your Donation Supports these One Peaceful Africa Projects:


OPA Liberia: 

Educating and 

encouraging survivors of Ebola to donate blood in established centers to save more lives. The blood of surviving Ebola patients have antibodies effective in treating the disease as seen in Congo in 1976 and 1995.


OPA Nigeria: Creating a training center for girls who do not regularly attend school due to the high rate of kidnapping. Many girls simply stay home to stay safe. This program provides a safe learning environment just for girls.


OPA Eastern Nigeria: Implementing the One-day Empowerment Program featuring a technology training series partially subsidized by a grant from the Federal Government of Nigeria. This program teaches computer skills, emphasizing the use of technology to empower young people in Africa to a brighter future.


OPA Togo: Building toilets in the rural areas of Togo.


OPA Ghana: Building a peace school for children.


OPA Nigeria: Building clear water stations in rural Nigerian communities. 




My visit to Auschwitz ... Nina


"Many individuals and groups have been to Auschwitz to heal old wounds. We had come instead to start a Culture of call in the souls of the past to   move beyond the heaviness into a sanctuary of supporting the evolution of consciousness for the new paradigm shift."

 Nina Meyerhof, President and Founder of COE


Visit to Auschwitz

How does one speak about peace in a place where horrors only existed. How does one allow these immense atrocities to extinguish their history and become something good. What can spiritual activists do when confronted with the disease of pain. How does new consciousness dislodge itself from the frame of pain into a new form?



50 Students from Burlington VT, go to the UN in NYC for the International Day of Peace, Students' Day


On September 19, two days before the world recognized The International Day of Peace, and held the Climate March, youth from around the nation gathered at the UN in New York City to participate in the student day event.


50 culturally diverse Vermont students attended the event, and were excited to be at the UN, celebrating the important day. The students were engaged with the panelists which included Jane Goodall and Yo Yo Ma. 



UN Session "Bridging the gap: implementing the rights of
indigenous peoples"


Thanks to Nina and the UN team. Anand.S.M had an opportunity to be part of the UN session on 8th Aug 2014 in the UN Headquarters in New York (Department of Economic and Social affairs) and contribute. The focus was on "Bridging the gap: implementing the rights of indigenous peoples".


Anand S.M. represented the next generation and raised concern on "Inequality" being a major focus to address and the UN has made commitments to look into it and come up with a charter and agenda on the same. It is our duty to stand up and raise our voice when required as it does matter and we can make a difference!


The program was webcasted live:


 Rosie Waygood and Saskia Troy participate within the Globalization for the Common Good Conference Oxford


This year Rosie Waygood (Strategy Development Manager, COE) and Saskia Troy (Regional Coordinator Europe, COE) have been participating within the Globalization for the Common Good Conference in Oxford with theme The Value of Values: Spiritual Wisdom in Everyday Life.


The Globalization for the Common Good Initiative (GCGI)first came into being at an international conference held in Oxford, United Kingdom in 2002. An extraordinarily diverse group of scholars, academics, students, policy experts, entrepreneurs, and activists, from multiple nations and faiths came together at that time to implement our vision to rekindle the human spirit in order to make globalization compassionate.



Deaf Children in Ebolowa, Cameroon Expect MY World Will Bring Change


"The marginalized grassroots are crying that nothing is being done to ameliorate their living conditions," Father Jude Thaddeus laments as the MY World survey team visits his school to tell him about the survey project. Father Thaddeus is the director of the Pere Monti Centre in Ebolowa, Cameroon.


Over 25 children between the ages of 14 and 21 shared their opinion on how they see tomorrow's world. Teachers of the Pere Monti Centre, including its director, Father Thaddeus, also participated in the voting exercise. The school children say though they cannot hear or speak, they have been able to express their views on how they want tomorrow's world to be. They hope that their votes will make a difference.




Students Organise Plant A Tree For Peace followed by a Peace Tour in Dubai 

'Peace is a journey of a thousand miles and it must be taken one step
at a time.'


Lyndon B. Johnson

Simran and the ESOL-UAS Green Team at The Universal American School, Dubai UAE partnered with global organisations like Eno Program, Peace Pals International and Peoples Climate March and participated in the 'Plant A Tree For Peace' project. Every September 21st trees are planted to celebrate the International Day of Peace . The ENO Program has empowered 10000 schools in 157 countries to plant trees. The program is now celebrating its 10th anniversary. So far, 17 million peace trees have been planted, with the aim to plant 100 million trees by 2017.



 The Value of Friendship, Tolerance and Respect within Education of Economics and Business


Within the past years Ban Ki Moon (Secretary-General of the United Nations) has been stressing many times the role of education as the most powerful weapon in building peace across nations. According to the principles of the Earth Charter Initiative and the UN's Human Rights Declaration in order to integrate into formal education and life-long learning the knowledge, values, and skills needed for a sustainable way of life education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.




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