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Humanitarian Call:
Thai Floods


 As you may have heard from the news, Thailand suffers from the biggest flood in its 50 years of history. The Dhammakaya Foundation, which is one of our main sponsors of the Peace Revolution Project and partner of Children of the Earth, is calling its network for your support.



COE In the News


Mother Meyerhof, protector, peacemaker, & champion of the children of the earth


September 11, 2001: The Twin Towers had just been demolished and everyone was rushing to get away from the destruction and chaos -- almost everyone, anyway. 


Nina Meyerhof was in New York for the UN International Day of Peace, meeting with the Secretary General, Jane Goodall, and other peace activists, when the order to evacuate was given. However, according to Dot Maver, PhD, president of the National Peace Academy, instead of going north, home to Vermont and safety, Mother Meyerhof (or Mama Nina, as the kids call her) headed to Ground Zero!


Link to full article.




Youth Activism Against Extremism in Pakistan:

Description: Activate follows Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi as he has dedicated his life to challenging complex religious, economic and social divisions across Pakistan. But will his passion be enough to change entrenched attitudes and beliefs?


Buddhism for Environmental Protection:

His Holiness Karmapa speaks about environment protection.


Interfaith Peacework in Cambodia:

Peacework in Cambodia takes the approach of interfaith work. Dialogue focused on how faith influences development action and thinking in Cambodia. Emma Leslie, Director, Center for Peace and Conflict Studies, reflects on interfaith work in Cambodia.


Chanting Music:

Created by one of the friends and supporters of Children of the Earth, Felix Maria Woschek.


Green Phoenix Rising Ecological Conference, Swizerland, 22 - 28 November 2011:

A platform of networks and individuals committed to system change in a time of transition and the necessity of a new attitude of global responsibility and of immediate local implementation for sustainable projects and models.


METAVARSITY - The College of Metaphysics - online courses also available:

MetaVarsity is a college of metaphysics that uses the philosophy of metaphysics to provide a unique learning and growth experience for each one of our learners. MetaVarsity provides the world's only global outcomes-based and assessed approach to metaphysics - helping you to make the intangible, real and tangible. 


The Peace Week 2011 - Recordings Available:

An unprecedented free program for spreading peace in your life and in our world. When we find inner peace, we radiate calm, love, and wisdom. When we create peace in our families, we experience better health, connection and happiness. When we bring about peace in our world, we remember that we are one human family and we can collaborate more effectively on all our collective challenges. 



Occupy Earth...

It is time we consider that we, as EARTH's occupants, must live in harmony and balance with equity for all. The movement of Occupy Wall Street, Arab Spring, and all the others uprisings are now the call for humanity to go beyond what systems exist and topple the old institutions and have them follow human's needs. These needs once seen as an aspect of dominance now are a call to realign and circle the earth as one world family in service to all of life.

Children of the Earth is a youth spirit/peace organization acting around the world as the "Hope Generation" to create positive social action through local projects as well as organizing other youth.... thus translating our mission into a movement. OCCUPY EARTH movement worldwide.

Youth with proper skills and inner realizations will initiate a relevant transforming of society. We believe in peaceful changes that include skills in dialoguing with the "oppositional party" to create a holistic understanding and conversation. If you look at Mandela, King or Gandhi they each had methods that truly impacted not only their own country but also...  READ MORE

COE Switzerland 

Bread Doves for a Good Purpose!


Last week I, Reto Biedermann, helped lead a Christian church camp in Zermatt, Switzerland. We were 4 leaders, 2 cooks and 30 amazing children in the age of 13. The topic of the week was the traditional celebrations of the Christian year. So in 4 days, we celebrated all Christian festivities from our Christian culture and learnt about their deeper meaning.

We started with 3 kings day, carnival, lent, Palm Sunday, Eucharist, Good Friday, Easter, Ascension Day, Whitsun and Christmas. We learnt that these celebrations are in fact a fusion of Christianity and the old Celtic culture and are also connected to the other religions.   

- Reto Biedermann


Infrastructure for Peace Means Getting Youth Involved and Participating


Global Alliance Summit for Ministries and Departments of Peace In its 5th edition this year, the Global Alliance Summit for Ministries and Departments of Peace took place from 30 September to 6 October, 2011. As in every edition, youth have been involved both in the organisation of the Summit and in its proceedings. Alongside the summit, over 40 international youth from universities and youth organisations in Cape Town area joined on the 3rd day. Facilitation was also provided with the support of youth as a team of young peaceworkers of the Global Alliance, working together with the official facilitator for achieving the outcomes of the youth day. We talked about infrastructure for peace and its relevance to youth issues and further engaged youth in a peace cafe process to create meaningful conversations on what they've heard and experienced. READ MORE

El Tunco El Salvador

In El Salvador COE is fostering the develop-ment of conscious communities. In 2010 work began on a Children of the Earth, M.A.D. (Make A Difference) project for an English school, Flowmotion classes and surf club for the local underserved children around the community of El Tunco, El Salvador. One of the most effective ways to help a child in a third world country is to further their education. This program fosters the development of authentic expression helping the young people find meaning from within. The children are inspired to explore their indigenous heritage and express their spiritual values. The children participate in fun social action projects like the Sea Turtle release and beach cleanup.


COE Educational Center:  

Chapter in Nepal 


COE Nepal Chapter Leader, Jimmy Lama, continues to inspire us by turning spirituality into action through his passionate and effective projects throughout Nepal. Most recently, the COE family received a letter from Jimmy exuberantly discussing the plethora of successes he has achieved in these past few months.

After a slight set back from original plans, Jimmy said he "quickly redirected a small sense of failure into success" by


Silent Auction Summary

Auction Logo


On October 14th, the Vermont Chapter, and dedicated young volunteers, orchestrated a successful silent auction at a local waterfront venue, Splash. With the space graciously donated by owner, Barbara Bardin, the space boasted a stunning view of Lake Champlain. From spa retreats, to stunning artwork donated by local artists, friends of COE came together to donate a plethora of enticing goods and services.

With a beautiful spread of food, great company, and the spirit of COE enriching the surroundings, the auction was declared a victory!


2011 Evolutionary Leaders Retreat


The 2011 Evolutionary Leaders Retreat was held at Mayacamas Ranch in Calistoga, CA, from October 31 to November 3, 2011. At this meeting, approximately 40 ELs attended. Youth are being included more and more...Joshua Gorman of Awakening Generation, a former Children of the Earth activist, and Oran Cohen, a leader for COE and also Board member, were the new youth participants. It is clear that the younger generation needs to be involved and start to take responsibility for the evolving future. Nina Meyerhof was part of the opening session with Ashok Gangadeen on what is SYNERGY and how do we behave in a synergistic atmosphere so we as a group operate as a unified whole. The three day program was designed to create a living experiential event of sharing our expertise and coming into synergy.


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