Social Action Report

Through COE-South Asia, I hope to coordinate the efforts of chapters in the region and even open some more chapters so as to work also with the vulnerable future of the region, our children. It is important to not only share the message of peace with them but also to get exposed to their messages of peace. In addition, through COE-South Asia, I will begin with developing an exclusive curriculum for the children of South Asia, in particular the ones living in marginalized communities and are out of schools. We will also attempt to reach out rural communities in the region because roughly 70 percent of the South Asia population is rural.

I have recently established the South Asia Centre for Peace (SACP) in Islamabad, Pakistan. SACP is working at the regional level through collaborations with like-minded individuals and organizations across the region. The organization aims to become not only a regional think-tank in the area of peace studies but also a centre on peace education and peace awareness through research and media campaigns. The mission of the SACP is to bring together organizations and individuals having a common cause of promoting peace in South Asia. Our mission is to contribute towards eliminating wars and violent conflicts in the region, both at intrastate and interstate levels, as well as to address increasing poverty issues besides emerging human security threats such as water, food, health, environmental security vis-à-vis climate change and terrorism which is as much a human security as a traditional security threat. I have already worked in the area of peace building in the region and have realized the significance that peace has for the people. That's why at the SACP, we have launched the South Asia Peace Magazine so as to showcase their peace building stories. I also wish to empower organizations and individuals and promote peace in all the countries of South Asia through education, media and research programmes.

SACP Flood Relief Efforts

More than 20'000'000 people were affected in the 2010 Pakistan floods. In an effort to aid in the relief work, SACP provided the population of various villages in the district of Raheem Yar Khan (Punjab, Pakistan) with 300 good quality jerseys.