Youth Rising for Peace Global Summit

April 9, 2012
Youth Rising for Peace Global Summit

At the invitation of the Shift Network, Karoline Buys and I represented Children of the Earth at the Youth Rising for Peace Global Summit.

Peace work has become a big passion for me since 2005, when I realized that violence is a global plague that deprives so many people of happiness, meaning, connection to each other, our Creator, and a life well lived. I’ve worked for building peace ever since. A big contribution has been the organizational structures where I carried out my work, among which have been Children of the Earth. The respective organizations have been vehicles for a lot of meaningful sharing, working together with people from all over the world, and wonderful achievements, marking both my existence, that of my family, community, and world. I feel honored to have been introduced to this work by the Romanian Peace Institute (PATRIR – and then to support the Global Alliance for Ministries and Infrastructures for Peace ( I have had the privilege to share in the talks at the Youth Rising for Peace Summit. I am hopeful because with Children of the Earth as well as other organizations we have met while inspiring committed young people, we are all are making a difference in their spheres of interest and experience.

Some of the youth that we met while at the World Spirit Youth Council gatherings supported by Children of the Earth were Ping Ping Worakate, Yuka Saionji, and Joshua Gorman.

Hope you will enjoy the recordings and we call on you to support children and young people in your area to make their dreams come true. Click here for the recordings:

By Corina Simon, COE Youth

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