Youth and Future Generations Day at UNFCCC DOHA COP18

November 30, 2012

COE Chapter Leader from UAE Simran Vedvyas interviewed at Climate Change Studio as she joins in Youth and Future Generations Day at UNFCCC DOHA COP18

Youth for the Environment from UAE,  Simran Vedvyas,  joins in Youth and Future Generations Day at United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, DOHA COP18.

Simran says, "I am attending the Conference, advocating the need for the Youth to be engaged with the process and understand why it is so important to deal with issues and consequences of Climate Change. I was interviewed at Climate Change Studio, and I am happy to give out my message that we need to convene and collaborate, which will reach many youth and people across the globe.”

The 18th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC and the 8th session of the Conference of the Parties, serving as the Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol, took place from Monday, 26 November to Friday, 7 December 2012 at the Qatar National Convention Centre in Doha, Qatar.
I strongly back the need for all the Youth to believe in themselves and take up the challenge to Act Now and Make the Difference in their own ways to the maximum extent, as we cannot wait for someone else to do it for us.

The Earth’s climate has always gone through periods of change. Over the past few decades, however, the implications of increasing fluctuations in weather patterns have led to the recognition of the need for international action. Since the UNFCCC entered into force, the parties have been meeting in Conferences of the Parties (COP) to assess progress in dealing with climate change. The COP is seen as the supreme body of the Convention.

The day as it progressed saw international youth hold an action to "thank" our leaders and negotiators for everything they have done for us on a broad spectrum of issues.  But then they remembered that these negotiations would eventually not result in commitments to cut emissions.  To that, the Youth stood up to say "no thanks." 

Youth today want ambitious action at this COP, not false solutions. This action was led by the US Climate Rapid Response Network Team.

There were many presentations, side events and exhibition areas.  I was able to meet with some old associates, make some new friends and network too.  In my opinion -We can ignore a reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of the reality!

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