World Youth Day - The Road to 2030

August 12, 2016

As the youths are increasingly considered as important human resources, it is essential to enhance their capacity for meaningful participation in development. In the changing context, one of the objectives of the youth policy is to enhance the leadership of youths by offering numerous opportunities to engage in policy formulation, decision making and implementation levels of all relevant development initiatives and social movements.    

Today, on the occasion of World Youth Day, we celebrated the day with the students of Mega college, Kathmandu age 16-18 years (45 youths participating) by organizing a workshop and group discussion and presented our ideas about the current situation of youths in Nepal and what we want to do in the future.

We addressed several issues of peace, livelihoods, education, health, employment and social security. It is clear that lack of employment has created frustration among the youths. As a result, the trend of migration to other countries for education and employment is on the rise. In such case, we need to motivate the youth to stay in the country and do something for nation building.

The program was focused on to help young people understand their duties and responsibilities towards their society and country.

  • To involve young people in creative activities in order to help them discover their infinite potential.
  • To encourage young people to serve the marginalized community holistically
  • To strengthen youths to fight against social evils
  • To empower youths to understand peace and serve community and humanity
  • To create a global forum for young people in which they can share their problems, observations, experiences and wisdom, as well as broadening their view of the world.

The program was organized by ‘Youth Society for Peace’ (YSP), an initiative to promote peace and harmony by the most active participation of young people in the community. The organization is functioning under the guidance of ‘Shanti Sewa Ashram’ (Peace Service Center- which is led by Dr. Chintamani Yogi (  YSP has been serving society for last around 15 years with active participation of youths. So, we would like to have more guidance and support for YSP to serve society more effectively and holistically.

Samrat Nath Yogi
Coordinator – Youth Society for Peace

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