World Forum of Spiritual Culture in Astana, Kazakhstan

January 23, 2011

World Forum of Spiritual Culture Astana, Kazakhstan, October 18-20, 2010

The World Forum of Spiritual Culture was graciously hosted and sponsored by the Khazakh government. The forum brought together leaders from all over the world, including a Nobel Laureate, Prime ministers from various countries, an Oscar winner, and many other influential people representing various spiritual paths, the arts and governments.

It is no secret that we find ourselves on the verge of destroying our world or remaking it anew. If we collectively choose the path of regeneration and rebirth, spirituality must be a fundamental building block of this new world. Voices throughout the forum affirmed the notion that we, as citizens of Earth, are interconnected and dependent on one another. It does not take a leap of faith, a highly developed mind or a colorful imagination to understand this concept.

The challenge is not to conceptualize our Oneness, but to incorporate this understanding into our lives. We must become this Oneness in everything that we do and embody values such as peace, compassion, & truth in every aspect of our work.

Children of the Earth was invited especially to take part in the section entitled ‘Global Strategic Initiatives: The Noosphereic Ethical/Ecological Constitution for Humankind’; youth from Switzerland, USA, Pakistan, & Canada attended as COE representatives. Unfortunately due to last minute visa complications, dear friends Jimmy from Nepal & Lawrence of Ghana were not able to attend. We gave a talk focusing on the sacred role of youth activism in bringing about positive transformation on our Earth, as well as giving an overview of some of COE’s projects.

We were the only group to present that specifically represented the role of youth in the greater work, and were honored as such by other speakers in the conference. Throughout the week we met other youth from countries such as India, Afghanistan, Mexico, and Russia who were excited to become a part of the movement.

Indeed our global family is growing all of the time! 

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