June 21, 2013

We ask you to join us & support the Global Heart for Oneness Movement & Campaign!

WISH: Children of the Earth wishes to facilitate a conscious evolution movement among our world’s young people, the Millennial Generation, to catapult a shift in humanity’s consciousness and transform our world into a peaceful and sustainable planet. 

WHO: A call to action for 180 Million youth from around the world to join the Global Heart for Oneness Movement to unite in daily mindfulness and mediation, and take inspired altruistic actions to create positive change. 

WHAT: The development and launching of the Global Heart interactive, open-sourced, social and eLearning website to alter the internet’s purpose from uniting humanity as a “global mind" of downloading information, into a higher, collective purpose of uniting as one “global heart". If our brain waves were to move into sync then we could experience the unity that is so often spoken of.

The Millennial Generation is inheriting a host of global problems, which solutions’ will require a higher calling of inner reflection and positive action. This generation has the distinct advantage of harnessing advanced technologies and new sciences to make a conscious jump in evolution; they simply need the space and support to make it happen! COE, through this Movement, will hold the space for young people to evolve our world on a massive scale.

Children of the Earth is ready to move this endeavor forward and COE wishes for the funds to realize this dream. Your pledge and financial support will be the flame that ignites the Global Heart for Oneness Movement & Campaign.   

HOW: By creating an open-sourced and interactive website, The Global Heart, our world’s youth will have a spiritual home where they can unite in daily mindfulness meditation, seek guidance, receive spiritual mentorship and teachings, participate in COE trainings, and share their inspirations with others. The Global Heart will alter the internet's current purpose of uniting us through the intellect to a higher purpose of connecting us through the heart and move us into a conscious evolutionary shift in humanity. The site can help bring funding to youth-led projects through a virtual “Look-Book”, and raise awareness of global and local initiatives. COE trainings and train-the-trainer programs in the COE methodologies – Reflect, Connect, Act will also help to activate the Movement.

1.8 Billion individuals in our world are young people ages 15 to 30. In order to activate the tipping point and shift the collective consciousness among this group, only 10% of them need to come to the awareness that they hold the power to positively change our world. Through the Global Heart for Oneness Movement, we seek to create this shift. Heart Math and Global Coherence have proven that raising the heart vibration alters externals into a better frame but the issue is how to communicate this with one another and that can be done through brain wave entrainment while being mentored in spiritual discourse until all heart known as one heart to each other.

A BETTER WORLD: (A future historical reflection on the year 2014) In 2014, our world made the conscious decision to support its next generation of world leaders by supporting a Movement that made the space for the youth to step forward and consciously evolve our humanity, and transform our world. Through this Movement, these young people ensured our planet’s survival and created a better place for themselves and future generations.

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