WE NEED PEACE AND UNITY……say the Ghanaian Children

July 13, 2012

A nation without peace is like a child without a heart. A child will surely die without his or her heart and a nation will also die because it is without peace. Every nation needs peace and unity. There is a proverb which says, “united we stand and divided we fall.” This means, that as a divided nation we cannot stand because every person would want his or her decision to be taken into consideration. This would cause misunderstanding in the nation and would surely lead to war. It will divide and tear the nation into pieces. We want to tell our leaders and parents that as the future leaders of the nation we need peace for our development as children. We want to experience the peace other children are enjoying in other countries. Whoever and wherever you are, say a prayer and support the children to preach the peace message.

Daniel Dodzi Hukporty
Ghana-West Africa

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