Vedic Ceremony in France---August 3-7th, 2011

August 3, 2011
Vedic Ceremony

Naturally Diane Williams, Deborah Moldow and…all of SOSF and the Evolutionary Leaders had no idea really what we were walking into. In fact, Diane DeTerra of our Board was in France and joined us. This was a journey into the unknown yet knowing it would be significant. Time quickly informed us that Maitreyi Amma with Shri Tathata are symbolically closely associated with Aurobindo and the Mother.  A similar relationship was evolving. Maitreyi Amma had invited guests plus seekers and yogic practitioners from France to meet this great Sage

Shri Tathata (asking what his name means I hear something like I am not and I am that) having lived in a cave 20 years or more is known as a Sage explaining that he had merged into unity with the Divine Super-conscious. In that state he was told that the future could hold the potential for a New Civilization where all people could use their consciousness to be happy and live in harmony. This became his mission as he returned to an earthly plane to function with humanity…to be in it but not of it. He is considered an aspect of the Divine. His earthly goal is to help others and put spirituality into action. He spoke of the WILL versus the little will and how Reflection inwards gives true purpose for action…and that all must be based on principles. Does this sound familiar? We are walking into our COE home!

A Blessing is that Maitreyi Amma had met Madame Saionji and had attended a Symphony of Prayers event in Japan. This led to Madame Saionji and Yuka-ji to be invited here at the same time. We all were offered Darshan with Shri Tathatta and thus began the inner journey of inner realization that here was a man who had achieved full realization and chose to return to common humanity to share a message that each and every human can find his or her own Divine  self and then share harmony for full peace on Earth... He, in no way says he is the way, he is able to help with the process but is not a GURU to be followed. His work is to meet those who are peacemakers, scientists, educators, and government leaders and bring them together to realize the Divine Light within themselves and the common cause of humanity to raise the Light on earth.

Each day Shri Tathata spoke and offered Vedic verses and mantras and gave short teaching on the Vedas showing us the totality of everything we know but was known for centuries by the rishis. It is his commitment and destiny now to further this work of inspiring humanity to full spiritual activity for harmony. He recognizes inner reflection as leading to social action for full change in our behaviors.

Our work focused on removing all Obstacles in the cosmic and individual planes to transcend all aggression and bring peace to Nature. Then we worked on Making life flow in the direction of Dharma–the eternal cosmic order—awakening discernment and to uplift consciousness…The following day we focused on Bringing Cosmic Order at all levels of human life …from good personal life to governmental life. We recognized Children…and there were many brought forward and individually Blessed for their personal purpose here on earth.

Each day was dedicated to a process. Finally we worked on the Shields of Darkness that obstruct us from breaking through to Super-conscious in order that it is available for our earth plane.  After breaking through this shield, the last day was dedicated to awakening DIVINE love and connecting all human beings to Divine Love so that earth becomes an abode of divinity and joy.

It seemed as if Shri Tathata was able to transmute darkness into light. He led a sacred ceremony of purification, and then offered an invitation to opening the highest potential of consciousness for individuals to determine within themselves what they would or could carry forth in this lifetime. The ceremony of rice and water and mantra created a great intensity of possibility for each individual.

On the last visitor’s day I presented on Children of the Earth. The powerpoint was focused on spiritual activism and spiritual leadership of youth carrying this torch for the new understanding of systems change and world actions. People responded so very positively to our work. I wished I had more time to work with those who approached me. There are many young people here seeking and many parents wishing their young ones to have such COE opportunities. Together we can build a new civilization.  So we are now daydreaming trainings here for the Western young people.

Inside of me lies the Blessing of having pursued an inner path seriously. I hope to continue this and learn to do this more. It is so enriching to know the heart speaks. In many ways it was like going home to my roots. I saw wonderful people who did not seem lost but rather as this is NOT a GURU but a SAGE there was not the continual bestowal of self-issues upon the situation but rather a sense of equanimity that we all need to learn.

The deepest truest purpose is for each of to awaken DIVINE love and connect all human beings to DIVINE LOVE so that earth becomes an abode of divinity and joy. May we live in this knowingness forever and always remind ourselves as we walk each step and take each breath.

Mama Nina


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