The Torch of Hope – Children’s Declaration of Peace

December 6, 2015
The Torch of Hope sculpture in Mexico

Children’s Declaration of Peace 
Newfane, Vermont 1990

In the name of love, unity and harmony, we, the children of the world, declare that now is the time for peace. As creators of a better tomorrow, we envision social and environmental equilibrium, individual and international cooperation, and the fulfillment of human potential as global goals.

To achieve equilibrium, education must be available to all. This education should not only include academic, but also personal, moral, and spiritual development. With this education, we can increase our awareness of global problems and develop our ability to solve them. The freedom accorded to all people through education shall be accompanied by the responsibility that will serve to bridge the gaps between economic, religious, material, political, and cultural extremes.

As part of the earth’s living system, our harmonious co- existence with nature is essential for the sustainability of humanity.

We pledge our support to the United Nations. However, we also stress the need for a more equitable distribution of power to all countries to encourage the evolution of peace. We desire self-determination for all people and hope that the emerging leaders guide rather than govern. We, the children, as one of the world’s greatest untapped resources, accept the responsibility to further the love, unity, and harmony, which exist in peace.

With this Declaration COE went to see His Holiness The Dalai Lama with the Children’s Declaration of Peace and the Torch of Hope. HH Dalia Lama handed Nina the Torch and said she is to be responsible for the children of the earth and thus his message continues around the world.

This torch---became the Children’s Torch of Hope and travels around the world to be held by thousands of children imbuing the torch with their hopes and dreams and experiencing all the symbolism collected within. The Torch traveled with a bus load of young people from San Francisco at the UN World Summit For Children to NY UN and to Vermont stopping at many events. Then on to Turkey to Switzerland and to many other exotic places especially to critical areas where children needed HOPE and finally back to the US.

In Oklahoma after the bombing about 200 young Oklahomans gathered at the state Capitol to welcome the Children's Torch of Hope. The torch was described as a symbolic flame being carried around the world to ignite a feeling of hope within young people. The torch also was included in a multicultural closing ceremony at the Celebration of Children from 6 to 8 tonight at Hafer Park in Edmond. Coordinating "Children's Day of Hope in Oklahoma" was Oklahoma City-based Voices of the Next Generation, Glenna Voegle.

Following this event the Torch and Children of the Earth and Earth Guardians traveled to Mexico where Helen Samuels organized a competition for a design of the Torch’s intent and the Mayor of Mexico selected a design for the structure in Chapultepec Park (see below) where then many schools gathered to express their love, compassion and HOPE for a better future. This now stands forever more there lit by an eternal flame with children holding its potential.

The Torch continued its travels until travel restrictions became prohibiting. It remains a symbol for the many and now more than ever children need HOPE.

Video of the "Children's Torch of Hope Tour" where the Earth Guardians traveled to high profile events in 29 states and the United Nations

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