Teej (Women’s) Festival Celebrated at Rainbow Children’s Home in Nepal

October 9, 2013

Every September in Nepal there is a big festival called Teej or Women’s Festival. The celebration stretches over multiple days and includes many activities such as dancing, singing, get togethers and parties but this festival is only for the women and girls. The boys and men help with the festival but aren’t allowed to participate. This year Teej was celebrated on September 4th at Rainbow Children’s Home. Delicious food was cooked while the women and girls spent the day dancing. The children also joined in the eating, dancing and singing.  Other locations held song competitions and two girls from RCH placed first and third. In other areas of Pokhara there was Volleyball, Football, Tor of War, Teej song and more competitions. On the 7th of September RCH hosted a special rice-pudding party for the children. 

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