SynergY Continues Planting Trees in the UAE

June 9, 2013

New Climate Justice Ambassadors Participate and Share Experience

SynergY is exhilarated that eco conscious brand like Timberland support their initiative to ‘Stop Talking, Start Planting’ and they were able to plant 55 more trees at Worldwide Auctioneers Ltd compound in Jebel Ali. Prior to this, during Earth Week 2013, SynergY successfully organized a Plant-for–the-Planet Academy in Dubai where 85 students from 18 schools  in UAE planted 120 trees near a landfill supported by Dubai Municipality. This brings the total to 175 trees planted in one week.

55 Trees is a project initiated by SynergY, along with Timberland for whom GREEN expands to ‘Grassroots, Reduce-Reuse-Recycle, Engagement, Education and Neutral impact on environment’. The site, WWA’s Middle East Auction center, is a huge 100,000 square meter lot inside the Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone, eagerly waits to see the planted trees grow in order to soften the rough concrete view that existed before the planting. As with their prior project at a landfill site, SynergY ensured the long-term health of the trees they planted by arranging for regular watering through the sprinkler system.

SynergY and the Climate Justice Ambassadors have learnt a lot about climate change, greenhouse gases, our carbon footprint and how effectively a simple activity like planting a tree can positively impact the survival of our planet. SynergY is committed to promoting the planting of more trees and to maintaining them with recycled wastewater as often as possible.

Earth-keeping is how we take a stand on issues that affect the environment, like climate change. Tree planting is a very important way to put our environmental values in to action.

by Simran Vedvyas

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