Stop Talking, Start Planting

May 19, 2013

85 Climate Justice Ambassadors Promote: Stop Talking, Start Planting

Plant-for-the-Planet Academy organized by SynergY Plant 120 trees at a Landfill in Dubai

By Simran Vedvyas Plant-for-the-Planet Academy Organizer UAE, COE Chapter Leader UAE Dubai, UAE, April 20th 2013

After months of thoughtful planning and preparation, SynergY Youth Group successfully organized a Plant-for-the-Planet Academy during Earth Week at The Address Dubai Marina Hotel on Saturday 20th April 2013. "Stop talking,Start planting" was promoted by SynergY Founder Simran Vedvyas, in order to plant trees at a landfill in UAE.

Plant-for-the-Planet is a global children's initiative through which children generate awareness by enlightening other children about the climate crisis and environmental protection, urging them to take action by planting more and more trees. It is also an endeavor by the children to sensitize the adults by saying: "Stop Talking, Start Planting." The media in Dubai has helped promote this initiative.

Eighty-five youth and children from more than fifteen schools and institutions from Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi conducted the daylong event and planted a total of 120 trees near the landfill. The event educated youth about the negative impact of landfills while they planted trees near the area to reduce the toxins and their negative effects. SynergY, with local support, arranged for the digging of pits two days prior to the event in order to facilitate effective planting at the site.  They also arranged for a special watering pipeline that will deliver treated wastewater to the site to ensure the survival of the trees.

The event gave the youth a chance to synergize their potential by planting trees, learning about climate change, team-building and creating plans to contribute to shaping the Green Economy initiative of Dubai, UAE.

The day started with registration and a “meet and greet,” followed by a welcome address by Simran Vedvyas, the event organizer. The participants then boarded pre-arranged buses, escorted by adults on each bus to ensure their safety.

The trees were planted with great enthusiasm after which the team returned to the hotel. A presentation about the climate crisis was given by Ms. Vedvyas in the Constellation Ballroom followed by a screening of a film on ‘Plant-for-the-Planet’ and ‘The Man who Planted Trees’. The presentation was inspiring and interesting.

After a delicious lunch, some energizers, world café games and a climate quiz were conducted. All of the participants also marked their presence by putting up "green imprints". The nine teams were named for the following endangered trees: elm, bamboo, ghaf, banyan, oak, pine, willow, mangrove and acacia. The elm team scored the maximum points and was declared the winning team. The participants’ enthusiasm at the event became livelier during the grand finale when SynergY members, participants, supporters and invited guests began drumming freely to reinforce the belief that the world needs “Unity though Rhythm.”  Dubai Drums also supported the activity. There was a meeting on future action planning and SynergY Club members agreed to work together in the future. Some of the participants made small donations for the initiative. One young participant performed an Italian Opera Earth Rendition.

The event concluded when numerous Climate Justice Ambassadors were awarded their certificates from Plant-for-the-Planet endorsed by UNEP and organized by SynergY.  Ms Vedvyas was pleased with the results of the event and proud to enter the number of trees planted through the tree counter at Plant-for-the Planet.  Much planning and attention to detail went into making it a successful event, and she thanked everyone for their support.

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Academy Organizer- Simran Vedvyas
The team still wanted to water the trees while they were there
Scores of Participants Spread over the pits and planted 120 trees spread across a big area
We had lot of fun planting together
We all supported each other and helped plant trees
120 trees spread across a big area
Youth stood together - many nationalities – variant age - different cultures NO BARRIERS
Presentation- The Climate Crises
Unity Through Rhythm- Drumming for Mother Earth
Drumming for Mother Earth in Harmony- this was the greatest Unity
85 Climate Justice Ambassadors will take the role to Promote Stop Talking- Start Planting

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