A Single Drop of Prayerful Energy

June 9, 2013

by Yuka Saionji

One of the peace minded people who attended the interfaith event United for a Culture of Peace through Interfaith Harmony at the United Nations in February was Dr. Nina Meyerhof, a visionary educator from the United States who was a guest at the 2007 Symphony of Peace Prayers at Fuji Sanctuary.

Just before the event began, Dr. Meyerhof told me: “Earlier today, I offered a prayer in the prayer room here at the UN. As I prayed, I had a vision. It was the image of a single seed being set down at the UN, and from here it rippled outward. People may think that this is just a one-day event, but it is much more than that. I sensed that beginning today, we are taking a great and important step toward a transformation in humanity’s consciousness. The work that you and your family are doing is really wonderful, and a new era is now coming into being.”

With these encouraging words, Dr. Meyerhof and I embraced each other, and then took our seats.

After the event, her words remained in my mind. It seemed to me that what had been set down there was like a single drop of water. This drop would create many, many ripples and spread outward. And, I felt, it was the world peace prayers of all our peace colleagues that had created this drop over many years. To create a single drop from nothing at all takes a long time and the right kind of environment. Energy brings together molecules of water vapor in the air, and when the conditions are just right, the vapor materializes as a single drop of water. Until that moment, the individual molecules are moving around and clinging together, waiting for the right time. I don’t fully understand the scientific process behind it, but suffice it to say that creating this single drop of water is a tremendous undertaking.

This drop of water that was set down on February 14 is perfectly pure, untainted by anything. It consists of nothing but love, light, and truth. It is the crystallization of the vibration, spirit, and teaching of prayer for world peace. It was born in this world when all of the prayerful vibrations that our peace colleagues have generated thus far condensed and crystallized into a single drop at that very special time and place. We and many people before us have offered our heartfelt prayers tirelessly, day after day, for the sake of ourselves and of all humanity, and it was our thoughts, words, and actions that formed this drop. I believe that the ripples of this drop will quickly spread outward. Because this drop is perfectly pure, the vibrations and spirit that it carries are the pure vibrations, the prayerful heart, and the love created by everyone who has dedicated themselves to this world peace prayer movement. These waves of love and prayer are now rippling throughout the world.

From here on, I believe, the world will move more and more toward peace and harmony. The day is approaching when the entire world will live with a feeling of oneness. Should there be any setbacks during this process, we need not feel despondent, keeping in mind the marvelous principle of effect and cause—the firm assurance that everything will absolutely be all right.

It was Dr. Meyerhof’s words that gave me this sense of confidence and assurance. To all of our prayer colleagues, I owe my deepest gratitude, respect, and love for your invaluable, irreplaceable work.

Infinite happiness, infinite gratitude

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