Promoting Sustainable Living in Labor Camps

March 21, 2013

Green Hope UAE believes in spreading the message of sustainable living to all strata and sections of civil society, since the Future We Want will not become a reality without the involvement of all stakeholders. We wanted to involve the less privileged sections of society and teach them about following an eco-friendly lifestyle through simple affordable means. Our target group for this campaign was a labor camp of construction workers. We had noticed that they used a lot of plastic bags which were then littered all over the place.

We undertook a campaign to educate them about the need and benefit of using eco-friendly , reusable and degradable bags for their daily use. Our group members visited the labor camp and explained about sustainability , ways of working towards the same , how to be aware about the simple changes one can make to one's habits and lifestyle to reduce wastage and be eco- conscious.

At the end , we gave each laborer an eco-friendly bag filled with groceries and urged them to reuse them for their daily chores.

Their enthusiasm and ready acceptance of the message was hugely encouraging for us and it reiterated my belief that spreading awareness is the key driver towards achieving the future we want.

Report by Kehkashan Basu
COE Hub Leader – Dubai
Founder President GREEN HOPE UAE

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