The Path of Rwanda - A Promise of Forgiveness

April 11, 2011

altIn 1994, hundreds of thousands of people were killed in Rwanda in what has become known as the Rwandan Genocide. During the course of 100 days, unspeakable acts of violence were committed against Tutsis and moderate Hutus, under the bewildered and paralyzed eyes of the international community. Neighbor turned against neighbor, destroying lives, property and futures, forcing many people to flee to neighboring countries in order to survive. Causes have been sought, supporting factors have been named, historic facts and dynamics were brought forth in a dire attempt to explain and to understand, but also with the clear aim of not letting it happen again as long as humanity shall live. Rwanda itself has been shaken to the core and is now in a process of finding ways to continue, rebuild, remember, forgive and heal … a path not easy to walk.

This April is the 17th commemoration of the Rwandan Genocide.

Children of the Earth’s Chapter in Rwanda, led by Jean De Dieu Basabose – president and founder of Shalom Educating for Peace (SEP), is organizing a training program called “PREST” (Peace and Reconciliation Education through Songs and Theatre). In order to promote truthful dialogue and the preservation of dignity, SEP will train a group of young people (most of them were born in 1994, some months before, during or after the genocide) and equip them with the capacity to educate communities in Gako Cell, Northern Province, Rwanda for Peace and Reconciliation.

During the three-day training program, the youth will learn how to bring the message of Reconciliation through Producing Art-forms like: Drama, songs and poems. Reconciliation Festivals and Community outreach performances which will take place during the commemoration period of 100 days – between the 7th of April and the 17th of July, 2011 - will be organized by the youth group, in collaboration with SEP and local authorities.

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