Passion for Sharing the Message of Peace and Love, Togo

May 31, 2011
Educating Youth Togo

Samuel Ayivi, Spirit Youth Hub Leader in Togo is sharing with the COE Family the latest news of their activities.

With the intention of spreading the vision and mission of COE and the Spirit Hub in Togo, the Hub members are visiting schools, hospitals, shops and churches. Various activities are part of this tour.

One school involved COE Togo in a large camp for young people for the Easter holiday in Agou. They participated as instructors during the gathering working through music, sport, culture, tourism and education and other types of activities. As a result, many students expressed their desire to get involved with COE and contribute to the work they are doing in Togo.

Because every child matters, Sam is helping out three children who have been abused and deprived. They are currently hosted at his own home.

Currently, Sam is in Lome preparing a seminar that will take place in 15 – 20 August dealing with the topic of reflection for Peace and Love. The elders that have been invited to support this seminar are 3 Pastors and 2 School Directors.

Due to an accident which destroyed their musical instruments and put them in hospital, hearing of this happening, Michael, Hub Leader from Pennsylvania, organized a fundraising activity which helped pay the hospital bill and replace an acoustic guitar and 2 Tam Tams (traditional drums). Sam was really thankful and said: “We are very happy that Togo HUB begins by having these clean instruments of music for these activities and educational programs with the goal to Share messages of Peace and Love in our localities and in the whole world.”

The seminar in August will be enriched with sounds and joy that will be transmitted by the passion and commitment of Sam and the Togo Hub members supported by the new instruments and the prayers of the COE family.


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