Oswiecim: Celebrating Human Rights Week of the United Nations

February 19, 2017

Celebrating Human Rights Week of the United Nations December 16, 2016

Held at State Higher Vocational School, Oswiecim, Auschwitz, Poland

Sister Mary, Agata Wisniowska, Piotr Zieba, Dr. Nina Meyerhof, Rev. Patrick McCollum, Father Manfred, Dr. Rodica Pop, Dr. Michael Stoeger, Janna Stoeger, Domen Kocevar were presenters and facilitators at this meeting for the students attending the College.

We shared our introducations and commitments to Human Rights and then worked together in small groups on the Culture of Peace with an ultimate focus on local problems.


Respect All Life – Respect the life and dignity of each human being without discrimination or prejudice;

Reject Violence – Practice active non-violence rejecting violence in all its forms: physical, sexual, psychological, economical and social, in particular towards the most deprived and vulnerable such as children and adolescents, homeless and disabled;

Share with Others – Share my time and material resources in a spirit of generosity to put an end to exclusion, injustice and political and economic oppression;

Listen to Understand – Defend freedom of expression and cultural diversity, giving preference always to dialogue and listening without engaging in fanaticism, defamation and the rejection of others;

Preserve the Planet – Promote consumer behavior that is responsible and development practices that respect all forms of life and preserve the balance of nature on the planet;

Rediscover Solidarity – Contribute to the development of my community, with the full participation of women and respect for democratic principles, in order to create together new forms of solidarity.

Oswiecim Oswiecim


A young student was given the honor to play the World Peace Violin that travels around the world blessed and played by renown people that Patrick McCollum brought with him.

After our full day meeting with the school students, we met with the Vice-Rector to plan for our follow-up gatherings. Next date for our group to reconvene in Oswiecim is March 27th, 2017 for which we are preparing an in-depth discussion for a year's program and offer 1/2 day teacher workshop as well as another student training.

Everyone was pleased with our success and welcomes our return. As we move forward, one phase at a time, we all agree that the goal is the establishing an Institute that serves many cultures and right relationships.

Click here to listen/download an audio interview with Nina Meyerhof discussing the first steps inspriing Auschwitz project >>

A Vision for Humanity - Foundation of a Global Peace Center in Auschwitz



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