One Peaceful Africa: Ghana Gathering 2013

September 20, 2013

Children of the Earth Ghana is hosting “One Peaceful Africa: Ghana Gathering 2013” from 25-27 October, 2013.

This conference is the first One Peaceful Africa regional gathering, to be followed by future conferences in other parts of the African continent. Children of the Earth has chapters and hubs in many countries in Africa, and the One Peaceful Africa regional gatherings will serve to strengthen their connection to each other.

All youth are welcome to attend. Please spread the word! 

Youth from all over Africa will be attending the conference, which will be held at the Methodist Youth Center in Aburi, Ghana. International participants from other parts of the world are encouraged to join us in Ghana.

Each country is asked to present a song, dance or other activity representative of its culture. 

The program will feature a training on the Children of the Earth Handbook: Pioneering Spiritual Activism, as well as presentations by participants on topics relevant to the conference’s three core concepts: (1) Peace, (2) Conflict Resolution and (3) Leadership.  

There will be an Open Space where youth can share their projects and ideas. Time will be available for connecting and networking.

Participants will leave prepared to share what they have learned with youth in their local areas.

Registration for the program is FREE. The cost of travel and lodging at the Methodist Youth Center are each individual's responsibility.  

Please download the registration form here and email to the addresses on the bottom of the form.

If you need more information please contact Shelley Shane at

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