One Peaceful Africa 2016 Report

May 20, 2016

Children Of Earth organised the second One Peaceful Africa five days programme, aimed at bringing youth and children from seven (7) African countries to Reflect, Connect and Act.

One Peaceful Africa (OPA) is working to bring a new Era of empowerment for African youths, in order to enable and encourage youths to build peace in Africa. Peace according to OPA codinator Princess Ukaga, is like green grass that is life.  One Peaceful Africa is that green grass growing among and alongside of every African youth.

The first day was the innaugration Chief Cermenies where Nina, Patrick and Domen were given names and assigned to a village under Chief Nana Apeadu's tutelege.

The three day workshop followed with a specific theme, in line with the process of Reflect, Connect, Act. Peaceful partnerships require an underlying sense of unity and connection, which first must be developed within the individual.  

Reflect is the journey that we take to awaken the inner self. The path may include meditation, contemplation, and/or prayer. As we become still, we hear the inner calling of our authentic self and experience personal purpose.

Connect bridges the perceived gap between self and other and leads to unity. Through deep compassion and listening, conflict transcendence and non-violent communication, we learn that it is possible to live in harmony, and thus we weave the interconnectedness of our family worldwide.

Action is taking the inspired will to serve others in the world through individual actions, local projects and global work. These acts are based on spiritual principles and ethics of Spiritual Activism."

So as a result each individual particapant was given an opportunity to design a local project for helping foster a better world. These projects will be recorded and supported by one peaceful Africa project. One Peaceful Africa project will continue as a result with the establishing of a larger pan African gathering and with a focus on establishing a Peace Institute. The next event will be held in Kenya  2019.

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