One Peaceful Africa - Ghana Gathering 2013

December 5, 2013

One Peaceful Africa—Ghana Gathering 2013 was a resounding success! Held at the Methodist Youth Center in Aburi, Ghana from October 25-27, the event attracted emerging leaders from around Western Africa. Local families prepared healthy and delicious Ghanaian food for everyone.

Children of the Earth and the Apeadu Peace Center partnered to present the 3 day conference. Princess Ukaga of CoE Nigeria, Sammy Fianko of CoE Ghana, and Mary Issaku of the Apeadu Peace Center organized and presented the program under the mentorship of Shelley Shane, Program Advisor for Children of the Earth.  

Over 25 young people attended the weekend event. Conference participants ranged in age from 14 to 35 years old. They traveled by bus, taxi, car and airplane to reach Aburi. Children of the Earth’s Niger Delta leader Austine Njoku and members of his group traveled for 2 days by bus from Imu State, Nigeria to learn more about Children of the Earth and to network with other CoE Africa members.

The group was privileged to have the opening and closing ceremonies led by Nana Apeadu, founder of the Apeadu Peace Center. Nana’s speeches to the group offered encouragement and guidance.

Everyone actively participated in the workshops and activities, which were based upon the Guiding Principles of Children of the Earth. There were activities on such topics as the CoE Code of Ethics, the UNESCO Pledge for a Culture of Peace, Spiritual Activism as understood through Reflect-Connect-Act, Peace, and Active Listening. On Saturday night there was a Cultural Showcase where participants presented songs, dances, stories, skits and jokes representing their local cultures.

This gathering was the first in the series of One Peaceful Africa gatherings. To mark the beginning of a One Peaceful Africa tradition, Princess Ukaga led an activity where conference participants constructed a bench of empty water bottles. This type of bench will be constructed at each future One Peaceful Africa gathering. Princess pointed out that there is still a practice of throwing trash on the ground in Africa. This project demonstrated that trash can become treasure, as a useful bench can be made from trash. Conference participants filled discarded bottles with trash and dirt. The bottles were then used as “bricks” to create a beautiful bench. The completed bench is located on the grounds of the Apeadu Peace Center.

Attendees shared that they learned concepts and techniques that they will be able to take back to their communities to teach others. They know that they can spread peace throughout Africa by spreading the knowledge they acquired during the One Peaceful Africa Ghana Gathering. In their conference materials participants took home tools, including games, worksheets and the UNESCO Pledge for a Culture of Peace, that they can easily present in their new role as emerging leaders.

The next One Peaceful Africa gathering is going to be held in Kenya in 2014.

For more information please contact Princess Ukaga at

Chief and Queen Mother Nana Apeadu Boyce Yiadom receives first One Peaceful Africa Award

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