One Peaceful Africa – Ghana Gathering 2016

February 24, 2016

Hello Fellow Youth Leaders and Peace builders,

Children of the Earth Ghana and Apeadu Peace Center is hosting a 3 days conference in Aburi, Ghana from the 1st April to 6th April 2016.

It is called One Peaceful Africa—Ghana Gathering 2016, and is the second of many upcoming One Peaceful Africa gatherings that we are holding across the African continent.

It will be held at the Methodist Center Aburi, where we will host international guest who will be ordained chieftaincy by our Royal mother Queen mother/Chief Nana Apeadu of Aburi. The program is free, and there is a requested $10 per person for late Registration.


The program is being finalized now, and your contributions are welcome. Please complete the registration form and return it to all of the email addresses on the bottom. We will be covering such topics as One Peaceful Africa projects, Peace, Leadership and Conflict Resolution.

Each participant is asked to present something representing the culture of their country, such as a song, dance or ceremony and OPA award ceremony.

We look forward to receiving your registration form soon so we can continue planning.

Thank you!

Your One Peaceful Africa—Ghana Gathering 2016 Team,

Download the One Peaceful Africa – Ghana Gathering 2016 Registration Form:

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