One Humanity Institute Think Tank Report

November 12, 2018

We are coming together to inspire and be inspired by our interactions with each other, the place, and the promise of healing a fractured world.

Dr. Nina Meyerhof and Domen Kocevar brought together a group of 20 prominent people from many corners of the world to Oswiecim-Auschwitz. They represented different fields and endeavors. The goal was to generate ideas as a Think Tank for the One Humanity Institute - a City of Hope.

We set four goals for our gathering in Oswiecim - to convene a network of ambassadors for the concept of One Humanity and its future Institute; to engage in dialogue and activities that embody the I-We-One dynamic; to address foundational questions and pivotal relationships that support our ability to establish the One Humanity Institute; and to start making the structures and processes needed to move forward more tangible.

The mission of the One Humanity Institute is to help create a future that embraces the universal values of peace, tolerance, dignity, freedom, equality and solidarity for all life. The purpose of the summit was to further formulate and ground this philosophy by focusing on the framework for content and specifics of transforming the buildings that we expect to comprise the One Humanity Institute.

We convened this network of ambassadors to engage in dialogue and activities that embody the I-We-One dynamic, and develop processes that exemplify the interconnectedness of humanity. We also wanted to address foundational questions and pivotal relationships to support the establishment of One Humanity Institute, and to build tangible structures and processes to move the mission forward.

Lastly, this was a meeting that involved very personal journeys into ourselves in order to find our purpose within the project. For most participants, the story began before arrival to Oswiecim. Everyone had time to think, anticipate and feel the intensity of the potential for this first OHI Think Tank Summit. Many met for the first time, but strong bonds and connections formed quickly​. We are members of an ever growing community that shares the values of One Humanity, and One Humanity Institute – a City of Hope.

We also discussed in detail the three main structural elements of OHI and started giving them proper names, content and partnership/collaboration opportunities - ENVISIONARIUM, LEARNING CENTER and WORLD SERVERS HUB. We plan to create these building as state of the art, using all natural materials and keeping sustainable practices at play all throughout our project and its implementation.

After Oswiecim, part of the Think Tank team continued the meetings in Warsaw. We arranged meetings with several high level government officials. The response was very positive and the request was to expand our materials. We also met other influential people with whom we are building relationships for OHI visibility and acceptability.

We are happy and grateful for everyone that shared their energy, experience and knowledge with us and helped co-create the next stage of One Humanity Institute - a City of Hope initiative in Oswiecim.

We are now planning our next steps. In early November we have a panel in Toronto, where 7th Parliament of the World’s Religions is taking place and we will be introducing One Humanity Institute - a City of Hope to a new crowd of people.

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