One Humanity Bakery Launch

One Humanity Bakery

This event has been developed with the support of the Oswiecim Mayor, the Oswiecim Governor, international leaders, community builders, visionaries, and many others who assisted in making this this notable program a reality. It will take place in an outside studio-like living room-like cafe setting, in front of the BAKERY in Oswiecim, Poland.

The live program will merge with the online presence of global guests. We will honor the communal spirit by not only restoring the bakery to its original purpose, but by creating a learning space for local youth and other social innovators.

One Humanity Bakery will hold an impact library, co-working space, and event space. It will be an innovation hub for entrepreneurship, green technology, and the promotion of the 2030 sustainability goals.

One Humanity Institute

The One Humanity Institute mission is to create an experiential and transformative campus of learning and cultural exchange next to Auschwitz – a “City of Hope”, embodying the universal values of peace, tolerance, dignity, freedom, equity and solidarity with all life -- to transform a culture of competition and domination into one of partnership and collaboration. (OHI), is a non-profit charitable foundation, established in 2017 in the US as a 501c3, and in Poland as a Charity.

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