COE’s Noah Miller Brings Arab and Jewish Kids Together Through Lacrosse

July 15, 2014
(Photo Courtesy Larry Palumbo)

Noah Miller is a Burlington, Vermont native who went through the COE Spiritual Activism training and is now using the skills he learned to bring Arab and Jewish kids in Israel together through the sport of Lacrosse. The multiculutural team he put together is now competing at the World championships in Denver. So far they have won their first 3 games and are moving up the ranks to play more skilled teams.

However, during this jubilant time, unspeakable violence is happening in Israel and Gaza. Turmoil in Gaza City has Team Israel playing with heavy hearts and put a spotlight on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; Israel lacrosse director Scott Neiss addressed the situation on the team's blog as team begins play in the FIL World Championships. The work that Noah and his colleagues are going in Ashkelon and Jaffa is an example of peacemaking and leadership training for both Israelis and Arabs.

“To see Arab and Jewish kids celebrating a win together really seemed that this shared experience really showed a bridging between the cultural, the religious and all of the opposing narratives of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict,” Miller said about his team, before the games. “It’s amazing how you see these snapshots in time when you see a sport speak to them and really helps to bridge the divide in communities.”

Back in Israel, Miller has made a difference with a single team. Not just for the boys who play but in the community as well. In a time where the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is as a troubled time, having peace between the people in one area can make a difference and save lives. 

Lacrosse bridged the gap between the groups. Miller’s formula worked so well that he was asked to speak the United Nation’s International Day of Peace celebrations last September. He found some of that good company who wanted to change the world. He shared the floor with such prominent figures as Dan Key Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, Jane Goodall, a UN messenger of peace, and diplomats from around the world.

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(Photo Courtesy Larry Palumbo)

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