Nina to Speak at 13th ICIE Conference in Rijeka, Croatia, May 18-21, 2016

January 30, 2016

Nina has been invited to speak at the 13th ICIE Conference on

Excellence in Education & Psychology:

Creativity – Innovation – Latest Development in
Research & Practices

Rijeka - Croatia (May 18-21, 2016)



Peace Education – Nina Meyerhof

The intent of raising awareness that youth throughout this world are realizing and are being called forth to reveal that there is a global consciousness attempting to arise in the hearts and minds of humanity. This consciousness is what is being called the “spiritual revolution” or the evolution of humankind into full awareness. We are learning from science that we are interdependent and interconnected as one life. In the awareness of consciousness there is the possibility to finally learn this. We are learning to understand that peace can exist not only as a state of being but also be the manifestation as a way of creating peace in our world. It is in our unity that we will be able to accept our diversity and finally find means to live together here on Mother Earth.

As SPIRITUAL PEACEMAKERS, youth from all corners of the world are recognizing and remembering that there is hope to live as a human family. Youth are tapping into their inner life and reuniting with their true spiritual nature and this reflection leads to a sincere ethical life. In this process of reaching within and experiencing one’s nature beyond self-esteem and basic needs and desires, one is able to find the place within that is that of uniqueness and solid character where personal identity connects to the universals of life. These universals are recognized and then bestowed upon each other as a given right and responsibility for a life of purposeful meaning. In the universal consciousness of space within and ultimate everywhere, there are no differences of color, race, culture or national intent. The universals are that we all want to love and be loved, to be free of need and desire, to be true and empowered, and to live a life of meaning.

In externalizing this realization of inner understanding, purpose, actions and projects are developed and peace within the home, community, nation and international home is furthered. Youth are defined as the ages 15-30 by the United Nations documents. These young people have the energy and open-mindedness to carry a torch of action for a better world than we have offered them. They are willing to examine new models and take time for carrying out projects and proposals in order to impact not only their personal life but also in the lives of others. If peace is not defined as altering circumstances to meet this own needs or temporarily fixing something in society that has resulted in symptomatic ills then youth will harness their power and drive new models into form.

It is natural that as adults we would look at the lack of tolerance, poor peace making results, ethnic divisions, poverty and all other inequities and wish them to be resolved by developing strategies or financing attempts to bring these in right alignment and equity with justice for the stakeholders. But this does not truly address the problems but merely chooses to make temporarily better the symptoms of an ailing global society.

If we are to alter the course of history that is doomed within the next 25 years and build a New Civilization of Humankind then we must find our commonalties, unite in consciousness and then design alternatives to the structures we have thus created. This is the role of youth. They can be brazen enough to assess internally the potential answers for our survival.

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