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April 9, 2012
Togo Map

COE Togo is based in a village named Kouvé.

We shared with children and young people here many notions in the following fields:

  • Environmental protection
  • The peacekeeping
  • Love
  • Music

We touch more than 25,000 people in our area.

Kouvé is a canton of the prefecture of Yoto. For a population of 49,000 inhabitants in 14 districts, Kouvé contains three high schools (two high schools and a modern technical college), four colleges, and 18 primary schools. We have two markets, two medical centers. I hope that this message of PEACE, LOVE, Music and the environment continues in its midst because as a Hub Leader (Ambassador of Peace), youth Kouvé crave these notions of Peace and Love and environmental protection and HIV / AIDS prevention and treatment on their evolving in the studies and the world.

I would love to enlighten the world and make them real Leaders of tomorrow. May the light of education illuminate the night of ignorance.

We need your advice, suggestions, and especially better working methods.

Togo is a beautiful country full of happiness and future if we commit to share the concepts of Peace and Love, environment, health, and music.

Thank you


By Samuel Ayivi, COE chapter leader Togo

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