Nepal Update – Trekking theatrics in Sindhupalchok

May 16, 2016

Beginning in May, Children of Earth will be reopening its Sharing and Learning Center in Sindhupalchowk that was previously destroyed in last year's earthquake in Nepal. Members of the Kathmandu Group, will be heading to the village of Banskarka to begin construction. Materials (like wood, slate, and CGC tin sheets) have been donated by the local community and are recycled from houses that had collapsed in the quake. The plan is to build a single story, earthquake-resistant structure that will house a small library, art supplies, and musical instruments for use of the whole community. Over time, artists from Kathmandu will come to the center to offer workshops in arts and crafts, promoting creativity, while exploring the ways that art can affect society.

Trekking theatrics in Sindhupalchok

Our play had no direct message, but tried to promote the simple idea that the art can bring people together, and that anyone has the capacity to be creative.
Mark Harris,


Feb 13, 2016 – The local bus rolled into Kiul, Sindhupalchok with a cloud of dust as our eclectic group of artists clambered down the steps with costumes, instruments and backpacks.  The first performance was set for the afternoon at a nearby school, and we were already late. The plan for the weekend was to do a light trek through a couple hills near Melamchi, sharing songs and a short play for the people we met along the way.  It was an idea we had been developing for well over a year, as singer David Tashi Lama and I had wandered through the region in the past and had never found a more receptive audience. We had planned to one day bring a travelling band on a village music tour, but the project expanded with the addition of Kathmandu actors Saroj Aryal, and Sujan Shrestha who brought forward the idea of doing theater.

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