Meeting Archbishop Justinian Chira in Romania

August 9, 2011

We (Dr. Nina Meyerhof, Marco Steiger and Rodica Pop) met the 90 year old Justinian Chira, Archbishop of Maramures and Satu Mare, in Romania while participating in the Youth Gathering "European Consciousness Through Peace Actions". The Archbishop has fire in his eyes, a full knowledge of the Bible and a truly open heart that does not stand with rules, but asks with passion to bring new life into the meaning of LOVE ONE ANOTHER and honor the YOUNG. He sees COE's work as the spark of fire needed to embrace this world for helping build our global family and a new civilization rather than the end to our world. He will Bless us and pray continually for us as we walk forward. What a marvelous Blessing as this man has stature and healing as he beams and radiates out the message of LOVE.

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